Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Post-Reboot Eating Plan

I've been thinking a TON about what I'm going to do once I've completed the 30 Day Reboot....I started out terrified.  How am I going to make healthy choices with all those food options?  Juicing made it so simple for me.  But after lots of research, youtubing (that's a thing, right?) and general planning, I think I have a good idea of how I am going to slowly end the reboot and transition into a healthy eating plan.  

First I want to share a few of the benefits I've felt from only juicing yummy fruits and veggies...

-I have waaay more energy.  Prior to the reboot, my energy was at an all-time low and sometimes (more often than not) I would be in bed at 7pm and still tired the next morning.

-My allergies and asthma are under control...No more coughing and sneezing fits every morning.  Before rebooting, I always felt like I was kind of sickly....that's how I've been since a kid.  Chronic upper-respiratory infections, sick every time I travel and caught something every time someone was sick at the office.  

-I've lost 20lbs.  Prior to the reboot, my unhealthy eating was catching up to me and I had bounced up to 150.2lbs (my normal range was 133-135lbs), but now I'm at 130.2lbs.  My tummy no longer looks bloated and I just feel good in my skin.

-I am focused on eating clean, body nourishing foods.  Pre-reboot I was on a fast food bender...the hubs and I were eating out more than eating at home.  Chicfila at least once a week....eating out almost every meal during the was not healthy!

So as you've read....the benefits have been huge and honestly, I'm just not willing to give up the way I feel.  I feel soooo good, so that's why my pre-reboot eating and my post-reboot eating plans are like night and day.  So here plan is to slowly ease back into eating as follows:

Week One Post-Reboot:  Add in whole fruits and veggies while continuing to juice.

Week Two Post-Reboot: Continue Week 1, but also add in grains & legumes.

Week 3 Post-Reboot: Continue Week 1 & 2, but also add in Soy.

Week 4 & Moving forward:  Stick with a vegan, plant-based diet.

Stay tuned, because starting next week I'll be sharing lots of vegan meal ideas and tips for ending a Reboot successfully.

Have you ever tried going Vegan or are you a Vegan?  What made you decided to change your way of eating?

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