Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekly Outfit Round Up & A Look Back

This week I didn't take many outfit pics since we've been busy for Thanksgiving, so I thought I do some outfits and a little look back at my journey. 

Love mixing patterns and colors. The outfit above was easy and comfortable...perfect for the busy week we had!! 

Tuesday I decided to brighten things up with some hot pink pants, an oversized top and a striped scarf...cozy & bright!!

I was thinking about my journey this weekend as my lovely MeMe and her friends told me (repeatedly) that I shouldn't loose ANY more weight or I'd be too skinny. Lol Oh, grandmas! :-) Gotta love em!!! When I first started this journey, it was all about feeling pretty/ good enough, but (thankfully) along the way it evolved into WAAAY more! It's about being the best, healthiest ME I can be....not comparing myself to someone else's best, just loving and working towards my own. The below picture shock me EVERY time! How time has flown and changes have come. I'm so thankful God placed this passion in my heart! 

What's your passion? What have you done today to embrace and improve it?  ~Kendra~

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekly Fashion Roundup

Didn't manage to get a full outfit pic this day, but I did get a close up if my jewelry.      Oh and I got the scarf at a garage sale for $1 and the dress from Goodwill for $3. 

Got this dress for $3 at Goodwill and the boots for $7 at Rainbow. This outfit was so comfy, but also felt polished...loved it!

This wasn't my fav outfit in real life, but I like it in the picture. Scored the blazer for $4 at Thrift City. 

I love patterned pants, but wasn't sure how to wear these. Thanks to some blog trolling I found the idea to wear a plaid shirt and sweater. The plaid button was a major was 50cents with tags from Goodwill. 

The weather took an insane turn for winter on Friday, so I felt like my fur vest was totally needed. Lucked out and found it at a garage sale for $1 last year. Also, had to share my arm candy for the day. 

Which outfit from this week is your fav? ~Kendra~

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Forgivness...Another Step Forward

What’s up everyone? We need to ask ourselves what is honestly holding you back from reaching your potential? Before we do that though, let’s discuss a topic that isn’t easy to talk about. Forgiveness. I know what you are thinking…um, how does forgiveness have anything to do with discovering who I am? Great question! :-) People’s actions and the words they speak can have a profound effect on us, both positively and negatively. Did someone call you fat? Ugly? Did your parents verbally abuse you? Did you husband cheat on you? Or did he leave you all together? Did someone take advantage of you, abuse you, and neglect you? Whatever “your” story is, I have 3 simple words that can change your life. Let. It. Go. “Ok, that sounds great, but it’s easier said than done.” I know it is, and this is going to be hard. Super hard. Emotions are going to flare. You are going to have to face your past head on. You can’t skip this step. You must take it seriously. Why? Because you are not going to be held back anymore! You are going to be free, free to live your life. To have success. To love, to laugh, and to be happy! I want you to remember that the past is over. Your past doesn’t have to affect your future.

Why change? Why forgive? Why let it go? Because you can, because you will be a better person for it. Rise up! Do be a bitter spouse…a bitter leader. Don’t let past words effect your future decisions. Let. It. Go. If you want to achieve the marriage you desire, you will have to forgive. If you want to be the mom or dad you want to be, you will have to learn to forgive. To make better and healthier decisions in life, you will have to learn how to forgive. How man alcoholics, drug addicts, adulteress, gossipers, critical people are walking around wounded. Maybe you are too. Maybe you struggle with the aforementioned items. Maybe yours is a secret. I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter because your struggles no longer define you. LET! IT! GO!

How do you and I let it go? Well first of all, we acknowledge that we have been hurt and the pain is real. We don’t have to pretend it didn’t happen for forgiveness to occur. Because it did happen. And the pain you are feeling is real. So forgiveness is not denying but acknowledging.

Some people can read the ‘let it go’ part of the story and be just fine. But most can’t. They will struggle with forgiveness because the pain of the past is still echoing in their heart mind and soul. The pain you feel haunts you day and night. Let stop right here. Sometimes pain that others have caused, or even pain that we caused ourselves due to poor choices, may never go away. I wish I could make it go away. It may be a journey—a life long journey, with bumps and bruises and heartache. Let’s forgive people anyway.

One of the best definitions of forgiveness that I have ever heard is this. “Forgiveness is no longer holding judgment for the person who has harmed us.” Again it doesn’t mean we deny it—but it means we don’t judge them. We trust God to judge them in His perfect way.

How do we forgive? Well only you can answer what works for you. I can provide some great tips to help you succeed though. One would be to write a letter to the person who hurt you and don’t send it. Just keep it in a safe place. That way you can add more to the letter later on if needed. Journaling is also an effective way. Pouring out your soul can allow the healing process to begin.

You may also have to speak to a counselor, or a friend, or to a minister about what forgiveness looks like for you and your personal journey. Again, only you know what works best!

I know this is a lot of info, and for some of you, it may be hard to read all at once. And that is ok. Take it one day at a time…one step at a time. Forgiveness isn’t easy—but in order for you to be free you’re your past and to start living the life you desire, it is where we have to begin our journey.   ~Kendra~

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Your Journey begins...

You can do it. Do what, you ask? You can have the life that you have always dreamed of. You can have healthier relationships, better leadership skills, and better money management.  The dreams you have…they can come true. All of them. Nothing can stop you. Are you shackled by past hurts? Does the future terrify you? Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines, of life~watching others having the success that you desire? The “you” you are today doesn’t have to be the person you are tomorrow.

What is the “secret”? Is it having an education? Is it winning the lottery? Having rich parents? Knowing the right people?  Does the answer, no, shock you? Although it would be great to have an abundance of all those things, not everyone is lucky too. I believe the “secret” is already inside you.

Dolly Parton is quoted with a saying that doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. "Find out who you are, and do it on purpose"
If someone asked you, “who are you?” what answer would you give them? Would you tell them what you do for a living? Would you tell them that you’re a house wife, a mother, a friend, a teacher, a daughter, a football fan or a funny man? I didn’t ask what you do for a living; what your hobbies are; what your relationship status is; or what your personality is….I asked who are you!

Keep in mind no one can answer this question but you. Your mom can’t answer it. Your wife or husband can’t answer it. Your counselor or minister or best friend can’t answer this question—but it must be answered if you are ever going to have the life you desire.

Finding the answer is going to be a journey that will take a life time. It is a journey we are going to do together. There may be some ups and downs. There may come up questions that can’t be answered. But it will be ok. Don’t look at the unknown as a defeat—but as an opportunity to grow. No matter what stage of life you are in—you can discover who you truly are—and perfect that person.   ~Kendra~

Friday, November 15, 2013

Workout Tank DIY

I had a plain black T-shirt and decided to make it a little more fun. Here's how it turned out:

Here's the tutorial I used to create my workout tank:

Let me know if you try it. I'd love to see how it turns out. ~Kendra~

Weekly Outfit Round Up

Well, on Monday Thrift City had a 1/2 price sale for Veteran's Day. So I wore several pieces I got there this week :-) Yay!!

The top was $2 at Thrift City...add some black leggings, boots and a scarf & it was perfect for the first SUPER cold day so far.

Behind me is our 'in progress' gallery wall. All the frames are from thrift stores or Dollar Tree. 

This sweater was also $2 at Thrift City...Score! Wish u could see my pants better...they're black with black lace on em!!!

The sweater and top were both $2 at Thrift City. I had to do a close up of my jewelry for y'all. The big chunky bracelet was $6 at JcP and the smaller one came in a set for about $3 at Charming Charlie. I just love layering bracelets!!

I love this scarf bc it's my wedding color...I found it when I was wedding planning and had to have it! Lol my mom bought me the fun pants at JcP and the hubs got me the leather jacket.  The earrings and both bracelets were 6 for $5 at MIZ Accessories. It's an awesome and super inexpensive accessory store!

What you're fav outfit from this week?  Did you hit up any sales? If so, I'd love to hear what you snagged. ~Kendra~

Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 30 P90X Update

So I took pictures on Day 1 a while back and now it's time for an update....Day 30 pics.  OMG!! Putting yourself out there online is always oh so fun. I am just so happy to be able to share my journey with all of you.  For a quick recap, I started out at 194.lbs in 2011, lost over 60lbs by working out, lowering my calorie intake and trying to eat clean. I got engaged in late 2012 and married in early 2013...during the engagement/first few months of marriage, I got a bit lazy.  More eating out, less working out.  I realized what was happening and decided to make a change before I backslided.  I hadn't gained any weight, I had just lost most of my muscle tone. I looked heavier, even though I wasn't.

Cue P90X....I decided to try P90X again.  I did about 45 days of it pre-engagement, but never finished.  I decided this time I'd do it, for real...the complete 90 days.  Well, the first 30 days or Phase 1 as they call it, is complete and I am super excited!!!  On to the pics, so you can see how it's going:

My tummy has definitely slimmed down and so have my legs. I also have tons more energy! I am seriously loving this workout. More pics to come in 30 days. ~Kendra~

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly Outfit Round Up

Friday I wore the above outfit. Several special pieces: the hubs got me that bracelet way back on our 1yr dating anniversary and I got the scarf on our honeymoon. <3

The thing I loved about the outfit above is how much the hubs liked it. We often have very different tastes in my clothing (haha), but he genuinely liked it...Win!!

Got the above dress for $3 and the belt for $1 both from Goodwill...Jackpot!!!

Got the mint top to wear on my honeymoon, but it was too it fits, Yay!!!

2 awesome things about this outfit...the scarf was 75cents at Goodwill and this is my 1st ever pair of size 2 pants :-)

Which outfit from this week is your fav? ~Kendra~

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

P90X Update

It’s day Day 22 of P90X and the hubby and I are still going strong!  I am loving this program, the other Bombshell coaches and this awesome Beachbody community.  It’s crazy how you can feel so close to a great group of girls in such a short time. It’s such a blessing!!    

So on to the workouts: We did Plyometrics last night and I’m feeling it…in a good way! I have come to enjoy and oddly appreciate the day-after-workout soreness.  It’s like a battle scar. It reminds me I’m working hard and I’m pushing myself to be better.  Even better is when u stretch and do the next workout and you feel even more energized. 

On another workout related note, I have literally never in my life done an actual unassisted pull-up.  (Gasps all around) I know….I was that embarrassed kid during elementary school physical fitness testing that just had to hang there, because it just wasn’t going to happen.  (Same with ‘guy’ push-ups.)  So I am on it, I am committed to doing at least 1 unassisted pull-up and 1 ‘guy’ push-up by the end of this 90 day journey through my first full round of P90X.  (I have been attempting them every day and I feel like I’m getting closer.)  As dorky as it sounds, I will be sooooo excited when I can say I’ve accomplished that!!

Next to discuss, the food:  I ordered Shakeology yesterday, so I will be starting that as soon as it’s delivered….I’ve heard so many good things about it and can’t wait to give it a try. As for the P90X meal plan, I love it.  After a little planning, I have it down pat.  I make plenty of each kind of soup Sunday night so I don’t have to make it during the week, make our lunches the night before and prep all our snacks for the week on Sundays.  I also do all the grocery shopping on Sunday.  The initial investment was a little pricey, but since we’re just restocking now it’s back down to our normally allotted amount, which is great! (The hubs, AKA, the budgeter, is super happy about that last part.) I have become a huge fan of veggies and soups….I didn’t eat horrible before, but I def didn’t eat anywhere near this clean.  I feel so much less bloated and yucky after eating…even a ‘big’ meal: Fish, veggies, organic brown rice and soup….I still feel good and ready to workout.  I’m a fan!!
So how about you?  What workout or meal plan are you doing?  How’s it going for you?  If you need any help picking out a meal plan or exercise routine, let me know…I’d love to help any way I can!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekly Fashion Round Up

One of these weeks I'm going to remember to take outfit pictures every single day. For now, we have Monday throughWednesday's outfits. :-) The hubs has become the official picture taker. (Thanks babe!)  Now let's get to some outfit:

What I Wore Monday:
Jeans- $20 at Talbots Outlet
Boots- Gifted from my mom
Tribal Tank- $1.50 at Goodwill
Cardi- $2 at Thrift City
Belt- $1 at Goodwill
Scarf- About $4 at Old Navy
Earrings and Bracelets- Under a $1 each at  MIZ Accessories
Outfit total: $29.50

What I Wore Tuesday:
Jeans- $10 at Target
Flats- $15 at Payless
Gap Sweater Cardi- $5 at Goodwill
Ruffle Tank- $1.50 at Goodwill
Gold Stud Earrings- Less than a $1 at MIZ Accessories
Outfit Total: $32.50

What I Wore Wednesday:
Rolled Up Jeans- $20 at Talbots Outlet
Boat Shoes- Gifted from mom
Pink Cardi- $12 at WalMart (altered by me)
Floral Scarf- $3 at WalMart
Striped Tee- $2.75 at Old Navy
Lace Tank- Gifted from mom
Earrings and Bracelets- Less than $1 each at MIZ Accessories
Outfit Total: $38.75

I love sharing my thrifty finds and outfits. I hope you'll stay tuned as I share more fashion fun weekly. ~Kendra~