Monday, September 21, 2015

My Juice Fast: Day 22

Happy Monday Y'all!  Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend....the hubs and I soaked up this weekend since the next month's worth of weekends I'll be traveling for work for 3 of them and he'll be going with me to see my fam for one too.  Plus, the holidays are quickly approaching so we'll probably be traveling a lot then too.  

Luckily, I LOVE to travel, see new places and spend time with our families...Keep an eye on the blog, because I'll be sharing my adventures in Phoenix, AZ, Seattle, WA, Irvine, CA and my hometown.  

Oh and on another now....I only have 8 days left of the Juice Fast and then I'm going to be eating vegetarian....maybe even vegan, we'll see.  I seriously feel better than I've ever felt....I feel de-bloated, energetic, my allergies & asthma are under control, I'm not overly emotional and i just feel so good.
I'm also down 18.4lbs and weighing 131.8lbs.  That's the lowest I've been in over 3 years....I feel healthy and fit....and I don't even miss fast food.  Isn't that crazy awesome?!

I also wanted to share my progress pictures with y'all.  I took pictures on 8/31 prior to getting started and have taken them along the way to document my progress.  I also just finished 4 weeks of Hip Hops Abs yesterday and today I started a new workout program, Slim In 6.

I can tell that my hips have really deflated and my mid section has thinned out and toned up too.

Oh and tomorrow I'll be sharing a few of my fav juice recipes with y'all, so be sure to check back then.  

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