Saturday, September 5, 2015

How To Be Stylish During An Injury

Hey....don't knock it.  To some of us girls it matters!  That big unsightly knee brace, a large cast or a splint can really cramp your style, BUT it doesn't have to.

Here are a few ways I've rocked my knee brace recently:

Wear it over pants....try going with fun patterns or dark colors.  It sort of blends in and doesn't become the main focus of your outfit.

Also, bright colors and bold prints on your top half will instantly draw people's attention up to your pretty little face and away from your not-so-fashionable brace. 

If you're feeling more on the girlie side, pair it with a cut dress that hits above the knee.  Wearing a calf length dress would make your legs look bulkier, but the shorter dressed help elongate your gams and make that non-braced leg look ON-POINT.  I mean, it instantly looks smaller...haha  #EmBraceTheBenefits

Are you currently dealing with an injury?  How are you making it work with your style?
Share in the comments.

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