Monday, September 29, 2014

Feel like quitting?

We all know there are times when quit something is actually a good thing whether it's a bad habit, a negative relationship, or even a job that doesn't align with your goals. In those instances, quitting can be a HUGE step in a positive direction! 

BUT (and this is a big but, by the way lol) quitting is NOT always a good option!  When deciding whether to not to quit something, start by looking back at why you started.  Was it to make a positive change in your lie?  Was it to work towards an ultimate goal you'd set?  Is it a required stepping stone to reach those goals? 

Taking the time to reflect, review and analyze can really open your eyes and help make the 'quitting decision' much easier. This moment of reflection can be the turning point where you made the choice to strive onward despite obstacles or the day you move past negative energy in pursuit of God's calling for your life.  Make the moment count! :-) 

Your ARE worth putting in the hard work needed to reach those goals. WHY did you start, and what will quitting accomplish? Think about those questions when the road gets rocky and your will to keep going wears thin.  Your 'WHY' needs to be soo strong and so important to YOU that is can push you out of that hole and get you moving forward.   

Take time today to think about your WHY and really DIG DEEP so that it's something that will motivate you to push on throughout your journey!  ~Kendra~

Saturday, September 27, 2014

2-A-Day Workouts....Say What??!!

So last Sunday I was hanging out around the house and decided to get two workouts in.  I felt so great after that I decided to make it a thing... Since I'm already up at 5am to feed the pups and keep them occupied while they mosey around the backyard ((with me just waiting for the to FINALLY potty!)). Why not take advantage of that time instead of sitting in the porch swing like a bump on a log. haha

So that's exactly what I did this week.....double workouts everyday minus Thursday (My PiYo rest day).    Check out a few of my workouts.....

Honestly, I have this weird motivation that randomly kicks how I originally lost over 60 lbs. People always ask "What happened that made you change?" I always so no....I literally just woke up one day said enough is enough and I'm doing this.  Then I simply started tracking my food in a journal, working out to random Zumba workouts on YouTube and on until I reached my goal.  There was no BIG ah-ha moment, no horrible experience that made me finally decide to do what needed to be done.  I just decided and stuck with it....

And I guess that's what I did with 2-a-day workouts too.  I have big goals (actually tiny, toned ab sized goals hahaha) and sitting on my bum isn't gonna help me get HERE GOES!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

PiYo Progress Update: Less than 2 weeks to go!!!

PiYo has been going pretty well....up until around day 30 I had not missed a single day.....Then, we got this little guy:

New puppies are so much fun, but I think it's a lot like babies.  After you have one that grows up you completely forget how sleep deprived you are in the beginning. hahaha Noah wakes up at 1am on the dot ready to play every morning.  So I play with him for about 10mins and then get him back to sleep.  Then I get up for the day at 5am and it takes about 30mins to get him up, fed and take him out to potty (He's still scared to be outside by himself.).  Hopefully by winter we'll have the whole outside with just Zoey (our shihtzu) thing down to a science. ;-)

After a few days of getting him settled, I got back on track and I'm finishing strong.  Checkout a few of the workouts:

This morning I decided to switch it up and workout Day 43 is done and now I have a little less than 2 weeks to go to complete the program....woohoo!!!  :-D  What workout are you doing today?  If you haven't found a program that's right for you, I'd love to partner with you and help you find one based on your needs.  Finding a program that's right for your fitness level and something that you enjoy doing is a HUGE part of setting yourself up for success!! ;-)


Saturday, September 6, 2014

PiYo: 4 Week Progress Update

Hey y'all....I can't believe how quickly the 1st 1/2 (4 weeks) of PiYo has flown by!!!  This has been by far the easiest workout program to stick to for me.  Not sure why....maybe it's because I workout in the mornings now or maybe because Chalene (the PiYo trainer) is so motivating.  Whatever it is, I'm LOVING it!

When I took my progress pics this morning I was thinking....I bet there hasn't been a huge change since Week 2, but I was really surprised to see more definition in my tummy.  Checkout where I started on Day 1.....

Once I hit the two week mark I decided to take some progress pics....checkout the change between Day 1 and Day 14:

Working out in the morning has really helped me stay on track and I'm so excited to say that over these last 4 weeks I haven't missed 1 single workout.....I usually miss a few workouts, but NOT this time!!!!  Yay!  So here we official 4 week progress pics:

(Above) From right to left it's Day 1, Day 14 and Day 28.  Woohoo!!!  

Have you considered trying out PiYo? If so, I'd love to help encourage and coach you along the way.  To add me as your coach, CLICK HERE!!!  To checkout more info on PiYo, CLICK HERE!!