Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Juice Fast: Day Four

Down 7lbs so far....WHAT??!!  I've been weighing about 10lbs above my normal weight range lately so this is so exciting to see.  Now, weight loss isn't why I'm doing this, but it's nice to see.  I also know that once you're back to eating normally it can come back, but I'm going to work hard to keep it off....and changing my eating habits to a new normal- Waaaaaay less processed foods and eating out!

Check out the difference between the pic from last week taken on August 25th and the picture this morning:

Started my day off with Hip Hop Abs again....I'm over 1/2 way through it already.  Crazyness!!  I have really loved this program....dancing and working my abs has been a blast. I think I'm going to do Turbo Fire next, but I'm not 100% sure yet. 

After my workout, I got ready for work while drinking water, because I was thirsty and acctually craved water....what?!  It's so cool to watch the changes in my body as they happen.  Ussually I'd crave not so natural peach mango green tea in the morning....I would drink waaaaay to much of that and not nearly enough water.  

After I got ready, I packed my juices for the day, did a mini photo shoot thanks to my photog hubby and headed out the door:

I got to work 20mins early thanks to super light traffic so I still had about an hour and 1/2 till my 1st juice of the day.  I filled up my water jug and got to work until juice time. :-)  Then I had this...the only thing I've found that I'm not a big fan of so far is Ginger Root.  It's spicy and I don't like spicey stuff....yuck!  BUT I read the benefits of eating/drinking it, which include it being an anti-inflammatory so I'm drinking it anyways in hope it will help my knee. Fingers crossed!!

When my 10am 'snack' time was approaching I realized I was out of coconut water....and I was actually sad about.  That lemonade flavor was legit! haha  ((Ok, so I never say legit....but it was yummy for sure!))

Luckily I packed a packet of all natural green tea so I had that instead.  I need some more flavor of all natural tea, because plan green tea is soooo bland compared to the flavorful juices.  

Around noon, I had lunch with a co-worker again and we had a blast taking about our goals, partnering for charity work and plans to propel or organizations was really fun and I wasn't even thinking out the yummy food she was eating.  No cravings yet :-)  BUT I sure did smell someone eating Pizza from like a mile sense of smell is def on overdrive at the moment.  

Had this green smoothie for lunch while we chatted:

Around 2pm I had my next juice and still felt good.  Seriously feel like I'm over the initial tough part, but I don't want to jinx.  Luckily the 'tough' part just meant a light headache and going to bed early.  Oh plus, I don't think I've mentioned that my tongue has been coated.  The 1st day it was fully coated and now it's just like 3/4 coated.  I read on another blog that your in full cleansing mode when your tongue is back to normal.  We shall see how it goes. :-)

After that I had a meeting to attend in another building, so I headed off to that.  It went a little longer than planned so I didn't get to have my next juice till 4:15pm.  Since I was about to head home I poured the juice into a coffee mug and that made it much easier to drive with. Less spilling possibility! haha No pics of that or my last juice of the day, but they were both yummy!!!

I took a hot bubble bath, which felt great, relaxed, watched a little Netflix and prepped my 5 juices for the next day and then went to bed around 9:30pm. Yay!!  Back to my normal bedtime....since I wake up at 4:15am.

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