Monday, August 31, 2015

My Juice Fast: Day One

That's right...I'm doing a juice fast.  Why?  Well, the last 2 years I've been going through a lot with my overall health....A back injury, knee injury, multiple upper respiratory infections, insane allergies and asthma issues.  My hubby and I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I was just amazed about how to cleanse really helped their overall health & wellness.  I'm willing to try anything once if it would re-energize me, keep me from seeing my Dr so often and not make me feel like the sickly person in my office. 

So here goes nothing....5 day of nothing but juice, water or all natural tea.  How did we prepare?  Well on Saturday the hubs and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got a Breville Juicer:

Then when we woke up the morning of Day 1 we went to the grocery store and stocked up on all the fruits and veggies we needed.  Plus, we picked up a cool citrus peeler for the oranges, lemons and limes.

NOTE: Plan ahead and grocery shop the night before....we were pretty hungry by the time we shopped, went back home and then figured out how to use the juicer for the first time.  I'm a "dive in head first" kind of person when I want to start something new, so learn from my little mistake- Plan ahead y'all! :-)

Our first juice included all of this yummy goodness:

This wasn't my fav juice of the day and tasted a little too leafy, but it was ok and totally drinkable.  I was affraid the juice was going to be something I would hate and have to choke down....luckily, it wasn't. Thank goodness!!

After we had our first juice, I had lots of energy so I cleaned up around the house a bit while chugging down tons of water, did some laundry and then watched a little Netflix.  Then 2 hrs later it was time for our next this one was yummy!!

I really liked the flavor and shockingly the juices were keeping me full.  After chugging that down, I went back to sipping on water and 

Then I headed out to run errands.  I had to go shop for my styling clients and pick up a few more things at the store (Green tea, coconut water, and mason jars) so I took some water with me.  I shopped for about 2hrs, so it was time for my next juice, but I still had to swing by the store.  

I just couldn't resist picking up that 99cent Selfie tee when I was thrifting for my clients...It was so cute!!  By the time I did ran all my errands, drove home and unloaded the car, it had been about 3hrs since my last juice.  I was super hungry so I made another juice asap.

After the third juice my tummy called down & by this time it was about 3:30pm.  I rested on the couch (because my knee was aching) and drank water while watching Netflix with the hubby.  We've been on an Office rerun kick lately. <<-- font="" hilarious="" it="" nbsp="" s="">

Then I prepped all our juices for Monday, which surprisingly didn't take to long.  I kind of have a juicing rhythm going now...juice, rinse repeat! haha

Around 6pm we had our 4th and final juice for the day, this one was NASTY!!!  It was mainly beets, sweet potato, carrots, some fruit and a little root. It was oddly spicy and had an intense kick to it.  NEVER drinking that one again, but I drank it all and then quickly enjoyed lots of water to get that awful taste away. 

I went to bed around 8:30pm, which was a bit early, but I slept soooo good and went right to sleep.  I ussually have to watch a few vlogs before going to sleep to relax and calm my mind, but not on this juice cleanse.  My mind was clear and I was out like a light.

Day One was a success!! :-)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

My DIY Daily Planner, Part 1: Supplies You'll Need

If somethings not written down I can't seem to remember it and lately my purse has become over run with post it notes to the point that I don't even know what note is still relevant....Did I still need to buy dog food or was that a note from last week?  haha

Well, to help get more organized with my life and my businesses I decided to create a daily planner from scratch. Why from scratch instead of buying one pre-made, well, because I love scrapbooking and this seemed like a practical way to put that passion to use. 

I already had lots of fun scrapbooking scissors, scrap paper, markers, monograms, etc. BUT of course I added in a few new things too.

Here's a little list of the supplies I used:

From Target: -Mini Binder, Mini Binder Paper, Mini Sheet Protectors, Monthly & weekly pages, To-Do List, Note Pad, Cute Cardstock and Colored Pens 

Walmart: Glue Sticks

I used  these to add some cuteness to my monthly page dividers:
Then you can add in fun quotes.  Check out these sites that have some awesome FREE printables: 

Once Upon Her Dream

2015 Monthly Overview Printables

Mini Dividers

Easy As DIY

I started by creating the bones of the planner like a cute dashboard, attaching a To-Do list in the front and a notepad in the back.  Then I created a cute divider for each month left in 2015.  ((Side note- How is August already almost over??))

In my next post in this series, I'll be sharing all the ins & outs of my binder-- What's included, what I use it for & more so stay tuned!! 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Apply Sally Hansen's Airbrushed Perfect Legs

Thanks to Influenster I was able to try out Airbrushed Perfect Legs and now I want to share my application tips & tricks with all of you so you can have fab faux tan legs that look flawless instead of funky! ;-)

I'm super pale, but I still decided to go with the medium, because when I use fake tanner I look to look a bit darker and light is usually just a little wash of color.   I'm so glad I went with medium, because it's a great, bronze tan and makes my legs look smooth.  If mediums not the right shade for you, they have several others to choose from too:

The application process is pretty simple, but I'll walk you through it step by step since these steps really helped me.

Step 1. Make sure your legs are dry and have not just been shaved (that will leave it looking spotty). I shaved the night before.

Step 2. Place a small streak of lotion down the front of one leg.

Step 3.  Rub the lotion in quickly in a circular motion.

Step 4.  Repeat on each side and the back of the leg.  Then move to the top part of your leg and repeat there until your whole leg is covered.

Step 5. Repeat the whole process on your other leg.

Step 6. Once your done, your hands will be covered in tanning lotion, but no's super simple to remove.  Just take a makeup wipes to rub off the lotion and they'll be back to their natural hue. 

Step 7. Rock those tan legs girl....woohoo!!

What do you think of Sally Hansen's Airbrushed Perfect Legs?  Are you a faux tan fan like me?  Comment below and let me know. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sally Hansen's Airbrush Perfect Legs Review

Thanks to Influenster I was able to try out Airbrushed Perfect Legs. The difference between my legs was awesome!!! Mediums a bit dark so I was a little scared when I first started rubbing it on, but by the time I finished applying it, I loved it.

I wasn't sure how long it would last since it's branded as leg makeup and not an actual self-tanner.  It was super strong for 2 whole days.  On Day 3 it was a little faded, but still not back to my full on white girl glow. HAHA

Here's how it looked when I finished both legs:

 The lotion is really lightweight, but is super pigmented, which gives a fab faux tan that actually looks natural!  Since I'm naturally a super pale girl, I'm always on the lookout for great, inexpensive ways to get a little tan on from time to time.  This will def be my new go-to product for my legs.  I am LOVING it. 

The tan lasted about 3 days.....through baths and the summer heat, which surprised me.  Of course, once I shaved my legs the tan went away. I'm def going to purchase a full size bottle, because this really seems to work great!

Have you tried Sally Hansen's  Airbrushed Perfect Legs?  What did you think?  Let me know in the comments. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Announcement-->> I'm a Mirina Collections Brand Ambassador

I am super happy to announce that It's My Evolution is now partnering with Mirina Collections as a Brand Ambassador.  We're so excited for the opportunity and can't wait to share all their beautiful jewelry, clothing and of course ((SALES AND DISCOUNTS)) with all of our lovely I.M.E. followers!!

A little bit about the Founder and Designer of Mirina Collections, Brit. She started her journey by traveling the wold 3 times in search of fabulous jewelry for her Boutique, but then decided to start creating her own one of a kind designs. Today she is best known for her 'Famous Necklaces'. Her designs are truly one a kind, handmade and have stunning swarovski crystals, precious gems and metals found from all over the world. 

To check out all of her newest designs, be sure to follow her on Instagram @marinacollections and Facebook. 

Can't wait to rock this gorgeous necklace soon!!! 

What I’ll be Doing as a #MirinaGirl: 

Basically, as Brand Ambassador, you’ll see posts here on the blog and on my other social media channels featuring Mirina. Also, as my amazing followers, YOU get to enjoy 20% off when you use my promo code → ktaylor20

Click HERE to learn more about Mirina and check out their fabulous, clothing and a super fun blog.

PS: @mirinacollections has just reached 10,000 followers on Instagram, so that means an amazing flash sale for 72 hours !! Sale ends on the August 26th so get in quick and don't for get to use my coupon code: ktaylor20 at checkout for an extra 20% off!

PSS:  If you're interested in learning more about the ambassador program & all the awesome perks, email me or message me on Facebook and I'll give you all the details.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dallas Blogger Collective's Birthday Bash

I just joined in the Dallas Blogger Collective a few months ago and this is already my 2nd event to attend and it was a BLAST!!!  We celebrated the groups first full year in action at the Rio Ritz Boutique in Dallas with all of these lovely ladies....

(There I am on the far right)

I love how these ladies love shopping and style as much as me.  Isn't it fun to meet up and chat with girlfriends who just get you and your passions?!

The Rio Ritz Boutique was all decked out with gold DBC balloons, a cute little refreshment station, cupcakes and more. This boutique was jam packed it goodness!!

They had soooo many cute shoes and nicknacks that I wanted to snatch up!  Those studded leopard heels in the back were SCREAMING my name.  ((Totally adding those to my Christmas list!))

We also got to make our own little floral crowns that to R Love Floral.  They taught us how to do the super, simple DIY and even provided tons of girlie flowers for us to choose from. 

Check out my friend Jessica, from The Mommy Archives and I rocking the crowns we made.  There's a close up of mine on the right. 

Check out Jessica's Youtube channel & her newly launched blog-->> She's an adorable mom who's all about the simple & natural life. LOVE that!!

Then we got to have our makeup done by the awesome girlboss, Heather of Heather Micheal's Makeup. She's going to be launching her own makeup school super soon and I'll be sure to share all the details with you HERE!!  :-)

Heather gave me a bolder blush and lip, which was super fun for the party.  I can't wait to try out one of her makeup classes and step up my makeup game. She's fabulous!!

So all in all, this little Birthday Bash was a blast!  Got to try a few new things, check out an adorable boutique, meet up with old friends, meet new ones and fuel my love of fashion.  If you're a blogger in the DFW area, be sure to check out the Dallas Blogger Collective, especially their Facebook page where upcoming events are posted.  They always have something fun around the corner!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Don't let an injury stop you in your tracks-->> Keep pushing forward!

I've had way more practice at getting through injuries than I'd like, but hey...I guess, I'm accident prone.  My back injuries last year were so tough!! Then about two weeks ago I feel on a wet spot in our kitchen right onto my knee.  I thought it would be ok, but the pain and swelling just wouldn't go away.  After a Dr's visit, it looks like I may have torn my that point, many people would throw in the towel...quit working out and just lay on the couch for a few weeks while it heals..

BUT there’s no reason that you have to quit your fitness routine, loose muscle and gain weight because of an injury!!   Being knocked out of your regular workouts does NOT have to be a bad thing – it could give you the extra motivation you need to stay on track with healthy eating or to try a new workout that will work other parts of your body and give you time to heal. 

Keep pushing through y'all, because there will always be an excuse to quit, but there's also a better reason to keep going!!!

**Always talk with your doctor before working out during an injury to 
find out exactly what kind of activity you should steer clear of and what kinds are ok to do. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

My Top 5 Reasons I LOVE being a Beachbody Coach

1. The friendships I've gained with like-minded ladies who are on a journey to better themselves and lift others up along the way. 

Lots of my teammates at a Winter Retreat in 2013

Megan, my Beachbody Bestie and Accountability Partner, and I in PA at her wedding shower.

Lanise and I in Chicago while I was visiting for work.

Another one of my awesome teammates Jo who showed me around Atlanta and took me too a super yummy sushi place!

I travel for my day job and being able to visit with friends in every city I travel too is so awesome!!  Everyone I've gone so far this year, there's been a coach friend in or near that city that was all for hanging out, bonding & showing me the's just such a fun sisterhood!

2. Coaches get a 25% discounts on all the Beachbody products, plus free prizes and incentives for hitting goals within my business.  ((Y'all know I'm all about a good deal!))

Love the discounts on products and Shakeology....the savings really adds up!!

Some of the prizes have been HUGE, like a retreat to this beautiful cabin in the PA woods.  You also get rewarded for growing your team with fun bracelets & workout gear.  For hitting monthly goals, I've won a Beachbody beach blanket, cooler and more.  It seems like there's always a fun prize to strive for.

3. Being a coach keeps me accountable to my health & fitness goals!

4. Cash and Prizes.....who doesn't want that?

I continually work to stay on track with my own fitness and nutrition using programs like the 21 Day Fix, Hip Hop Abs and more. I also drink Shakeology daily.  By sharing the results I have with my friends and followers, if they choose to purchase a Beachbody product, then I get a commission (ussually 25%)!  Also, by logging my results I become eligible for daily prizes of cash and more!  Plus I even earn a FREE t-shirt every time I finish a new workout that!

5. Good ole' TAX DEDUCTIONS!  

Everything that you spend on your business, from the start up cost to programs that you buy and even your office supplies are all tax deductible.  If you use a computer for your business, part of your internet is deductible.  If you use your phone for your business, then part of your phone bill is deductible too.  Gas for traveling to events, etc.  It sure adds up!

Want to learn more about coaching?  Add me on Facebook & shoot me a message or comment below with your email address so we can chat. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Day In the Life -->> Weekday Edition

Woke up at 4:15am to birds chirping on my sound machine/alarm clock.  They chirp slowly and if you're not gently woken....they get louder and louder. haha  Luckily, I usually wake up when they still sound like sweet little baby's a nice way to start the day.

Then I let the puppies out in the backyard and make my E&E and chug it as I go grab my workout gear.  Then I let the pups back inside and give them some morning treats.  Then Noah, our Dorkie (Dauchsund/Yorkie), and I head back outside for my workout.  

(Bucket where I throw in my iPhone to use Beachbody On Demand or a portable dvd player when I use CDs....I ussually just use my iPhone nowadays.  Plus some water and a bucket to lug everything, including:  Dvd player (if used), tummy wrap, a stand for my iPhone and weighted gloves)

Zoey, our shihtzu, likes to stay inside and go back to sleep in her bad with her piggy.

This morning, I did Hip Hop Abs- Ab Sculpt....just 25mins and I got an intense sweat and my baby abs were burning!!

After my workout, I get ready for work, feed the pups, pack our lunches and make breakfast for my hubby.  This morning he ate cereal, 2 eggs and 2 pieces of Turkey bacon.  Simple & quick!

Oh and I can't's what I wore today:

Printed Top- About $3.50 at Thrift City
Dark Skinnies- $7.90 aForever 21
Wedges- Gifted from Mom from Cato
Bracelets- $1.99 at Cato, 6 for $5 at MIZ Outlet and about $3.50 at Charming Charlie
Earrings- Came in a set for $4.99 at Charming Charlie
Necklace- 6 for $5 at Miz Outlet

Then the hubs and I carpool to work that extra bit of time together. ;-)  Plus, makes it super easy when we wanna head out for a fun dinner date after work. 

When I get to work, I make my breakfast:  Shakeology, green tea and a banana

Around 10am, I have my 1st snack of the day-->> Greek Yogurt

Then I continue working until Noon, when I break for lunch.  Today I had lemonade with my Chicken Noodle Soup:

During lunch I checked my Facebook messages and followed up with a few Beachbody clients and sent out a few new invites.  Lunch time is a great time to get work done on your Beachbody business!!! ;-)  ((Use those spare moments wisely.))  #PowerHour

Around 2pm, I had my afternoon snack of pineapple:

After work, I took my hubby to a Dr's appointment and then we headed home.   For dinner I made up a new creation.....check it out:

21DF Approved Mexican Mixer for One

Container count per serving: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green & 1 yellow 

4oz of ground turkey
A dash of tomato sauce
1/2 a packet of chilli mix
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder, divided
1/4 cup of shredded cheese of your choice
Dash of ground black pepper
A dash of Worcestershire sauce
1 cup of mixed veggies
1/2 cup of rice

-Cook veggies in a pan sprayed with nonstick cooking spray until tender.
-Put the ground turkey in a separate pan and add all seasonings.
-Add dash of tomato sauce & Worcester sauce
-Cook the turkey until it's done.
-Then cook the rice. (I use all natural 90 second rice)
-Put the rice on your plate & top with the the veggies, then the ground turkey mixture.
-Finish it off by topping it all with shredded cheese

After dinner we watched a few episodes of the office, then I went outside for my 2nd workout of the day.  It was quiet the backyard performance! Two dudes were mowing in the neighbors backyard, plus Noah and Zoey were front row & center....I had a full audience!! 

I did Rockin Body's Booty Time workout....whew!!

After my workout, I took a nice bubble bath, watched some youtube videos (Check out The Frey Life & Ellie and Jared-->> Both awesome families that do daily vlogs)  Then we all went to bed.

And that's a pretty normal week day routine.  Wanna see a Day In Life, Weekend Edition?  Let me know in the comments below!