Friday, February 28, 2014

Doubts...we all have them!!

Like everyone, I have days where I feel inadequate, insecure and just 100% confident, days where I doubt my ability as a leader, where I think that maybe this whole life will all fall apart and I will be back to being my old self....shy, lost and confused about where I'm headed. Is that voice in my head REALLY me? HECK NO!!! I got here because of the grace of God and an amazing passion He placed on my heart along with my willingness to follow that passion! Remember doubts are completly NORMAL... EVERY SINGLE COACH IN BEACHBODY, actually every sindle person alive has times where they feel the exact same way. I think people often think you just get to a certain point and then somehow you just have it ALL TOGETHER from then on!, that will NEVER happen. 

You will always have moments of doubt, moments where people attack what you stand for, reject you, etc... but it is an inner CALLING is what keeps my faith intact and keeps me PUSHING myself to keep moving forward, even when the road gets tough. I know there are more people out there that NEED me to help them reach their health and fitness goals, support them and be there for them and I just cannot help them if I let other people get me down. I have to be strong enough to shine even when I'm fighting through the darkness... even if scary or stressful things come up from time to time!  Keep on trucking and moving towards those goals and God's will for your life.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Mom

My mom was on my heart this morning, as she is every morning after our morning chats on my commute to work as I tell her what outfit I'm wearing and go over my to-do list for the day. Today I want to share some things that I have come to realize about her over as I've grown, gotten married and started thinking about having a family of our own.

My mom, with my dad by her side) raised 2 children working full time with Multiple Sclerosis and even though we were sometimes tight and we had busy schedules, we never EVER went without.  She was at even game, recital and school party.

She has a heart for God and continues to put everyone's needs above her own (sometimes to a fault). Now as a stay-at-home mom to my little brother (who has Down Syndrome and ADHD) she never has time for herself... and has never seemed to complain. She loves being able to be there for him ALL the time!

She was a mom of ALL TRADES! She cooked, she made me handmade costumes (Including one ADORABLE penguin outfit), she made me feel special even when she had to spend tons of time with my brother doing physical and speech therapy when he was a baby.  She gave us the most wonderful Christmas's with lots of love and more presents then we deserved. hahaha She could make you feel totally better when you were sick by buying you new pajamas when you got a shot or taking you to Sonic to get some ice cream.

My mom and I couldn't be any more different personality wise.  She is soft, gentle and content with being in the background supporting her familys dreams, but I enjoy being a chatterbox, social butterfly type.  I  feel sooo blessed that I got my HEART from her....and wish that I could be 1/2 as kind as she help compensate for the snarky, sarcastic part of me. (Thanks Dad!!  hahaha)

I don't think I fully appreciated who she was when I was younger... and how HUGE of a role she has played in who I have become, but I want to take a second to say THANK YOU MOM. I know without all the sacrifices you (and Dad) made and the love that you made sure we felt, I would not be the person I am today.  I love you mom!!! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Confession Time....

I didn't always look forward to Thursday's. What is so exciting about a Thursday? It's the day Beachbody does their weekly recognition… It is the one day out of the week that I reflect back on my business and see if I made progress, if I am helping others, reaching out, or just slacking.

There was a time, not too long ago, in my coaching career that I never thought I would see my name showing up on these leader boards, or on the list for Top Coaches of the Week, honestly I just told myself, "It's okay, they probably have some crazy secret you don't know about, that's how they are so successful."

This year I decided that I wanted to be that person with the "secret" to success, even though I knew there really was nothing secret about it. I realized that you don't just become successful without putting into it what you want to get out of it.. Silly, I know, why would I ever think it would be handed to me on a silver platter. Consistency is key, ever hear that saying? Well I would say it to myself over and over, then BINGO one day it hit me!!

Everyday I get to talk to people, and work with others that WANT or NEED my help, that is crazy to me!! Just that aspect alone reminds me that it's all worth it. Seeing my name on those weekly posts also reminds me that my hard work, and consistency is working!

There were times when bills would pile up or unforeseen expenses would pup up and my full time job  just WOULD NOT cover it., and I am incredibly thankful that I can be a Beachbody Coach too, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep all the bills paid and enjoy fun date nights with my hubby...we'd be stressed and worried. Since, that time was not long ago sometimes I will just sit back and reflect on how much I've grown in such a short time, I think I would be in some tough situations if I wasn't out there helping to change people's lives, and pointing them in the right direction in order to get their health, fitness and finances on track.

Now, yes, I do look forward to Thursday's, it is a day that I can be proud of myself. A day that I can push myself a little further each week to be better than the week before. It is truly an amazing feeling, and I honestly couldn't do it without my team!  (((Thanks Team Bombshell Evolution...y'all are THE BEST!!!)))  ~Kendra~

Sunday, February 23, 2014

From 2010 to 2014....

In 2010, I was complacent....coasting along is a job I didn't love, insecure in my own skin and wondering where my journey would end up.  I longed for more, but I just didn't know what MORE looked like for me. Fast forward to 2014....Yes, I have changed a ton on the outside, but the INSIDE changes are what I'm most grateful for.  Instead of wallowing in stress and being stuck in fear, I am assured with peace...I have a path and a calm heart as I have found my passion.  Now this road wasn't always an easy one. It was paved with difficult self-discoveries, failures and days of falling on my knees completely crying out to God.  If you're ready to change your life forever, don't wait, come walk along side me now.  I'd love to partner with you on your weightless journey!

My journey in random tidbits:
-Began my journey at 194.4lbs
-Went from a size 14/16 to a size 4.
-Lost nearly 70lbs
-Exercised about 5 times per week (P90X, Zumba, MMA, Swimming, etc)
-Gained self confidence, self respect and a passion for health & fitness
-Became a beach body coach to share my passion with others

***Contact me via email at or make an appointment using my contact widget at the bottom right.  I'd love to chat with you about your personal health and fitness goals!***

Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's more than skin deep...

In the quest for toned abs and a balanced diet, it’s easy to forget about the importance of skincare. That’s why Beachbody developed Derm Exclusive®, a comprehensive anti-aging skincare line, lauded by skincare professional, Dr. Andrew Ordon.

What sets Derm Exclusive apart from other skincare products, Dr. Ordon?
It’s comprehensive. The Derm Exclusive Ultimate Kit involves all facets of a complete skincare program: cleansing, moisturizing and, of course, the Derm Exclusive original:  Fill & Freeze®. You put that on and see results immediately.
What is the most common misconception about skincare?One misconception about skin care is that it’s something for women that have already aged. That’s NOT true. Skin care is for both men and women and should start when we’re younger. That’s how you’ll prevent signs of aging. If you take care of your skin just like you take care of your car—if you maintain it—it’s going to keep on running.
What do you consider beautiful?Beauty isn’t only skin deep. But the first thing anyone sees is your outer shell, and if you have bright vibrant, healthy looking skin, it makes a great first impression. Going further, I think age appropriate skin is beautiful. I have women coming in saying, “I’m 60. I want to look 20.” And then they try to get there with invasive things like lasers, peels, skin tightening, etc. I don’t think that is a healthy attitude. Your skin should look good or great for your age.
Besides Derm Exclusive, what else can we do to take better care of our skin?Good skin starts from the inside out. Diet is important. And keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating things that will keep you hydrated like cucumbers.  They help you retain water to give you a fuller, healthier look in the face.
Any celebrity beauty tips and tricks to share?We get a lot of celebrities on our show. They swear by things like getting enough sleep, exercise and water. Another old Hollywood trick that’s been passed down is putting cold green or brown tea bags on your eyes. Something that’s good for you on the inside is probably good for your skin on the outside!
Any other last thoughts about Derm Exclusive and skin care?Protect your skin from the sun. That’s the single biggest thing you can do. Use a moisturizer with SPF, wear a hat and sunglasses, get to know your moles, and have your skin checked for cancer once a year. Take control of your skin health and get yourself involved in a basic skincare program. Derm Exclusive makes it easy for you. If you don’t know where to go with your skin care, this is the answer.
(Info from Coach Monthly November 2013)

Friday, February 21, 2014

As far as workouts go....Shorter is the new longer!

Ready for more traditional, time-consuming workouts this year? Not so fast.

Multiple-hour sweat sessions are so 2013. This year, it’s all about efficiency. Not a minute wasted.
Get in, get out, and get on with the rest of your day. It’s true; shorter, more intense workouts are all the rage. That’s because now you can slash your workout time in half—without sacrificing the results. Intensity, not duration, that’s the key. And to prove the point, we’ve enlisted the help of two men who pretty much invented the word intensity: Tony Horton and Shaun T.

There’s never been a better time to learn about the benefits of shorter workouts. With the arrival of the FOCUS T25 Challenge Pack and the extension of the P90X3™ Challenge Pack in January, you’ll be ready to educate your customers—and help get them in the best shape of their lives!
Shorter is the new longerThe rise in popularity of shorter workouts is no accident. There’s science behind it.
“Studies have shown that shorter workouts can be as effective, or even better than longer workouts,” says Shaun T. “The goal is to make every second and every minute of your workout count.”
A major benefit of shorter workouts is that the most dramatic body transformations happen in the first 30 minutes of exercise. “People are more likely to train harder when the routines are shorter,” Tony Horton teaches. “For example, you’d run a 200 meter race faster than you would a 10k.”
Makes perfect sense. But how will P90X3 and FOCUS T25 do in the long run? 
Beat the burnoutThe shorter time frame in programs like P90X3 and FOCUS T25 help eliminate one of the biggest problems with more conventional programs: burnout!
“Burnout happens when your body isn’t prepared to do what you’re asking of it,” cautions Tony. “It also happens when you can’t make the time to do one hour-plus workouts.” He adds, “This is one of the many reasons why we created P90X3. It’s P90X® and X2 intensity in just thirty minutes.”
FOCUS T25 is, as the name suggests, 25 minutes. And Shaun says the variety in T25 is the perfect remedy to beat workout boredom. “We constantly change the focus minute by minute so you work one part of the body and rest others,” he says. “That’s what makes it so effective. No nonsense. Just results. 25 minutes and then you’re done!”
The skinny on the new programsSo what is it exactly that separates these new programs from the pack?
“P90X3 is very unique because it combines muscle confusion from P90X, muscle integration from P90X2, and muscle acceleration in fast paced workouts,” says Tony. “It’s brutal, but still awesome.”
Shaun serves up a couple reasons why T25 may be your go-to program. “It’s a total body training program combining cardio, resistance, upper and lower body circuits, strength, and core,” he says. “We’ve effectively selected moves and sequences that are necessary to see results. No matter what your age or fitness level, you can do this.” 
For more info on P90X3, CLICK HERE!!  For more info on T-25, CLICK HERE!!
(Info from Coach Monthly Jan 2014)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

There's Something About Strawberry Shakeology

So what exactly is the difference between Tropical Strawberry and the new Strawberry flavor, you ask? While Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is vegan and a blend of several fruit and berry flavors, the new Strawberry flavor is whey protein based (non vegan) and, well—all about the strawberries.

No other fruit flavors added. Just sweet, delicious, oh-so-satisfying strawberries. And if you want to talk texture, this shake is one smooth operator. So essentially, you’re getting a sweet-tasting shake that’s also incredibly smooth and creamy. Not a bad combination, folks.
Savor the new light flavor. Refreshing. Fruity. Delicious. Word on the street says the new Strawberry Shakeology is a slam-dunk winner in the all-important flavor department. Bursting with mouthwatering and succulent strawberries, how could it be anything less than awesome? “I’m a big chocoholic and have been drinking Chocolate Shakeology for 5 years, but strawberry has become my go-to breakfast now,” says Carolina. “It just makes me happy. Hard to explain, but it really does!”
Here’s a few quotes from some of our Strawberry panelists:
“Impressed with this flavor. Very sweet tasting. Really tastes like a strawberry milkshake!”
“It is amazing! NO CHALKY Aftertaste! I absolutely love it!”
“I absolutely loved it! Perfect texture and flavor! Goes down easy and smooth.”
After all this love and attention, it’s clear Strawberry deserves to have somewhat of an ego. But how does it stack up health-wise? 
Delicious for your body, too.Sure, Strawberry is outrageously delicious, but let’s not forget about all the goodness it gives to your body.
First, Strawberry has the same protein blend and nutrient profile as Chocolate, Vanilla, and Greenberry. What’s more, it still contains over 70 healthy ingredients, including many nutrient-dense  superfoods from around the world.
So with either Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, or Strawberry you’re getting almost all the same levels of superfoods, vitamins and minerals—not to mention your daily dose of dense nutrition! Bottom line? It’s still the healthiest shake in the nutritional galaxy. By a landslide.
Think inside the boxFor those of you who prefer not to be monogamous with just one Shakeology flavor, here’s a little something just for you: the awesome, new Triple Combo Box featuring Strawberry Shakeology. Think of it like the Neopolitan ice cream box of 3 flavors—only about a thousand times better for you!
No reason to say goodbye to your current favorite flavor. Just mix it up. On a daily basis. And as far as creative recipes go, you can’t get much better. Check out some great recipe options here and visit for even more!
To get more info about Shakeology or to try it for yourself, click HERE!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

21 Reasons to try the 21 Day Fix

Need a reason to try Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix? How about 21 reasons? Using simple portion control and effective 30-minute workouts, The 21 Day Fix is designed for real people trying to lead a healthy lifestyle in the real world. Read on to learn why you don’t want to miss out on Beachbody’s newest program!
21 Day Fix is the first Beachbody program to place equal emphasis on nutrition and exercise. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. And it was created with two main goals in mind: to help you lose weight and get fit—fast.
If that doesn’t hook you, we have 21 more reasons to love the newest addition to the Beachbody family:
1. Rapid Results in just three weeks - Who says you have to bust your butt all spring to get a bathing-suit-ready body? 21 Day Fix is designed to help you lose up to 15 pounds in just 21 days. Slim down and tone up in under a month!
2. No room for nonsense – The most simplistic Beachbody program ever, 21 Day Fix is designed for actual people who don’t have time for complicated food math, or lengthy exercise regimens. Using portion control and effective 30-minute workouts, this program is easy to get on and stay on—even after your 21 days!
3. Shakeology’s new best friend- Already a Shakeology lover? You don’t have to miss out on your daily dose of dense nutrition with this program. It’s integrated right into the meal plan!
4. Give calorie counting the boot – Say goodbye to the labors of counting calories. Complete with seven food-storage containers specifically designed to measure correct food portions, this program let’s you ditch the calculator so you can spend more time enjoying your food!
5. Save BIG on the Challenge Pack Promotion – Save $20 off your Challenge Pack when you buy in February. Our Challenge Pack is reduced from $160 to $140 and makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself and your loved ones!
6. Eat what you want - Lose weight by eating the right serving sizes—not by eliminating your favorite foods. Finally, a fitness program where you can have your wine and chocolate, and eat it, too!
7. FREE shipping for the month of February (Base Kit) – Need we say more? Rescue your waistline and your pocketbook by taking advantage of this limited-time, free-shipping offer.
8. Easy-to-follow workouts – Fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese’s 30-minute, total-body workouts have no complicated dances moves or choreography, so people at any fitness level can start the program and wind up a workout champion! 
9. Modification for every move - Autumn’s workouts are designed to get your body moving while keeping you injury free. Whether you’re ready to push harder or need a modification, she provides the option you need so you get the workout you want.
10. No complicated recipes or weird food ingredients – 21 Day Fix is designed to help you make smarter choices about real food—none of that funky stuff you have to buy at a health food store. By eating your food in a smart way, you’ll set the routine for healthy eating habits that are sustainable for life.
11. A trainer you can relate to - A single mom, Autumn understands that real people don’t have time for complicated fitness and diet regimens. Workout with a trainer who understands what will work out for you.

12. All of these testimonials are amazing reasons:   Chelsea O. – Lost 10 lbs. & 14 “Finishing the Fix, I don’t think I have ever felt this healthy, this strong, this accomplished in my entire life. I’m going to look my best on my wedding day and that is the biggest gift I could have ever received.”
13. Neil B. – Lost 11 lbs. & 9″ “I went from 168 to 157. To be able to do that in 21 days was amazing. I feel light. I feel fresh. I feel renewed. The 21 Day Fix, it’s my new secret weapon.”
14. Mary C. – Lost 64 lbs. & 57” “The way I look and the energy I have is just fantastic. I feel like I’m at least 20 years younger. It’s never too late to lose the weight. 21 Day Fix has definitely changed my life.”
15. Deon C – Lost 111 lbs. & 58” “After completing the 21 Day Fix and achieving my results, I will continue to do the 21 Day Fix for as long as I live. I’m not stopping. It changed my life. It saved my life.”
16. Beachbody Co-founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler, even got amazing results! – Lost 12 lbs. “I was blown away at my 12-lb. weight loss and visible transformation in 21 days!”
17. Restaurant guide included – There’s no need to give up your social life in the name of weight loss. Using the 21 Day Fix Restaurant Guide, you’ll learn how to make smart choices while dining out with friends and family.
18. 21 days to a free t-shirt – Enter The Beachbody Challenge to get a free t-shirt and a chance to win up to $100,000! A shot at big money prizes and an ability to wear your hard-earned effort (literally) on your sleeve? Don’t pass this opportunity up.
19. Containers are perfect for meals on-the-go – Don’t let travel get in the way of your healthy eating. Your seven, perfectly portioned food containers are BPA free, DEHP free, top-rack dishwasher safe, and microwaveable, making them perfect to take to work or on your next vacation.
20. Keep cooking for your family – Unlike other diet plans that have you eating pre- packaged meals or unpalatable dishes, 21 Day Fix let’s you eat real food, including the recipes you cook for your family. As long as your portions fit in your containers, you can still enjoy chowing down with the people you love.

21. Stay on track with the post-FIX maintenance guide – The hardest part about getting fit is staying fit. With the 21 Day Fix maintenance guide, you’ll be able to keep those hard earned results long after bathing suit season is over.
Need more details about the program and the February Challenge Pack offer? Visit

(Info from Coach Monthly Feb Issue)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

8 Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer happens when a cell stops functioning properly and mutates right down to its DNA. If the immune system doesn’t get to it, the mutant cell replicates locally, forming a tumor. If the tumor isn’t dealt with, the cancer can spread, or metastasize, to the rest of the body. One of your best bets to keeping this from happening is to eat an antioxidant, phytonutrient-rich diet that keeps your immune system strong and fights carcinogens, the substance that can cause cancer.

Here are 8 foods that do just that:

1. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. These green veggies are rich in folate, which plays a huge role in DNA repair. The contain chlorophyll which binds with (and eliminates) the carcinogens found in charred meat and cigarette smoke. And they contain indoles, phytonutrients that also help eliminate carcinogens and regulate estrogen. This means they can help with hormone-related cancers such as breast and prostate cancer.

2 and 3. Coffee and Tea. Studies have linked these tasty beverages to a reduction i
n prostate and colon cancers. They’re both rich in antioxidants, chemicals that block free radicals. (Free radicals damage cells, potentially causing mutations.) One of the more controversial benefits of these drinks is that they both also contain caffeine. Say what you will about this stimulant, but it has been shown to inhibit cell growth, potentially reducing the risk of several cancer types, including ovarian cancer. 

4. Mushrooms, especially shiitake, maitake, and reishi. These fantastic fungi have been shown to have antitumor properties. They contain a substance called lentinan, a polysaccharide thought to stimulate the immune system and attack cancer cells. 

5. Oranges and other citrus. These fruit contain limonene, a substance shown to attack breast cancer cells. They’re a rich source of antioxidant vitamin C, which is believed to ward off several cancers, including lymphoma and liver cancer. They also contain phytonutrient bioflavonoids and phenolics, the latter which are believed to slow the aging process and protect against tumors. 

6. Tomatoes. Whether you consider them fruits or veggies, they’re are a great source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant phytonutrient believed to ward off lung, bladder, stomach, cervix, skin and—most of all—prostate cancer. They also contain vitamin C. This is also one of those unusually times when processing is a good thing nutritionally. Cooked tomatoes, as well as tomato sauce and juice, all feature more absorbable lycopene. 

7 and 8. Garlic and Onions. These two stinkers belong to the allium veggie group, which has been shown to slow cancer growth in the stomach, breast, esophagus, colon, and lung. They contain sulfur compounds, which fire up detoxification enzymes in your liver and clear out carcinogens. They also contain the anti-inflammatory phytonutrient quercetin, which is thought to kill cancer cells. 

(Information provided by Denise Faye)
Cancer is such a scary thing!! My Grandpa passed away from cancer when I was a freshman in college and it was such a sad loss.  I miss him EVERY day!!    ~Kendra~

Monday, February 17, 2014

Big Changes

In 2011, (On the left) I was in braces, weighed 194.4 and wore black to hide my shape.  I had overcome by shyness, but my weight gain was holding me back. I decided to make a BIG CHANGE and work towards loosing weight.  I started by journaling everything I ate to ensure I knew exactly how I was fueling my body.  I also worked out at least 30 minutes a day, started running a mile or 2 and did P90X.  

Fast forward to 2013, (On the right) I'm now about 70lbs lighter, braceless and coming into my own as Beachbody Coach...that's right, the once overweight, out of shape girl on the left now helps others get in shape.  I never thought God would lead me on this amazing journey....I never thought health and fitness would be my passion.  God placed this on my heart back in 2011 and since then I have run with it.

No, it wasn't easy, or always fun, but the commitment was worth the outcome.  When your in the midst of a journey, weightless or otherwise, take time to think about where you want your life to be 6 months from now, 1 year from now or even 3 years from now.  What would it be like if you gave up on your goals?  Isn't it worth the effort to keep going and work towards those big changes and dreams you have?!

If I did it, I know you can too!!!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pittsburgh here I come!!!!

I have been sooo blessed by my awesome coach and friend, Kati. She set some goals for the girls on our team and for hitting our goals, She invited us to a winter retreat ((ALL EXPENSES PAID)) in a beautiful cabin near Pittsburgh, PA with my Bombshell teammates in March, for a weekend of brainstorming and tons of FUN!! I still can not believe how much God has used my experience as a Beacbody Coach to change my life so much in just a few months. When I became a coach near the end of October 2013, I never knew it would really change my life...I just thought it would be something new and fun to do. Oh my goodness y'all, it's WAAAAY more than that!!! I have made some AMAZING friends, built great relationships, learned so much about myself and reignited my dreams. I'm lookin to add 2 new members to my team...if you are on a weight loss journey, if your passionate about health and fitness or just want to help change peoples lives, fill out the form below to be considered for a spot on my team.

Photo: I have been sooo blessed by my awesome coach and friend, Kati Heifner.  She invited me to a winter retreat ((FOR FREE)) in a beautiful cabin near Pittsburgh, PA with my Bombshell teammates in March, for a weekend of brainstorming and tons of FUN!! I still can not believe how much God has used my experience as a Beacbody Coach to change my life so much in just a few months. 

When I became a coach near the end of October 2013, I never knew it would really change my life...I just thought it would be something new and fun to do.  Oh my goodness y'all, it's WAAAAY more than that!!!  I have made some AMAZING friends, built great relationships, learned so much about myself and reignited my dreams :-)

So thanks Kati and all my Bombshell friends...I am beyond excited to see y'all. BTW Are there any good thrift stores in Pittsburgh?  hahaha

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's all the hype?!

Beachbody Coaching...

What the heck is it? It is a way to make 7 figures in less than 4 years - YES, seriously....

But what does it mean for those who are just starting out?

 As Beachbody coaches, we make money by helping people achieve their goals. We aren't all super skinny. We aren't all at our goal weight. We want to be healthy and we want to help others live healthier. 

 I am looking for more people like me. 

 People who are NOT PEFECT.... but want to live healthy lives and are willing to help support and encourage others towards reaching THEIR goals.

If you are interested in joining our team .... I am working with a small group of MY NEW COACHES starting...


... to teach them what I did to have EARLY success in my business.

I hope you will join us! We are starting on FEB 17th so hurry up!

To be considered for a spot on our team go ahead and fill this out:


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shake up that meal plan!

Are you looking for a way to shake up your meal plan?  Shakeology is a great and tasty was t add a ton of nutrients into your day. There are sooo many great recipes that you could have a different shake every day of the month!  Literally.  Check out a few below....

All recipes contain one serving of  Shakeology.  Just add the ingredients below for a new version of this great shake:


Orange Sunshine
  • ½ cup 100% orange juice / ½ cup water / 216 calories
Almost Paradise
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk / 1 tsp natural almond butter / 233 calories
Lemonana Splash
  • 1 cup almond milk / 2 Tbsp plan nonfat yogurt / 1 banana / ½ tsp lemon juice / 282 calories
Shakeology Recipes
Tropical Passion
  • 1 cup skim milk (or almond milk) / ¼ cup pineapple / ¼ cp sliced mango / 263 calories
Honey Melon
  • 1 cup skim milk / ½ cup watermelon / 1 tsp honey / 260 calories
Pineapple Melon
  • 1 cup skim milk / ¼ cup pineapple / ½ cup watermelon / 259 calories
  • 1 cup water / 1 cup watermelon / 1 cup pineapple / 254 calories
Watermelon Splash
  • 1 cup skim milk / ½ cup watermelon / 239 calories
Shakeology Recipes

Mixed Berries
  • 1 cup skim milk / ¼ cup blueberries / ¼ cup raspberries / ¼ cup blackberries / 268 calories
Citrus Summer
  • ½ cup 100% orange juice / 1 cup water / ½ cup sliced mango / ½ cup sliced carrots / 266 calories
  • 1 cup water / ½ cup prickly pear / ½ cup pineapple / 1 tsp lime juice / 217 calories
Berry Berry Nut
  • 1 cup skim milk / 1 Tbsp plan nonfat yogurt / 3 strawberries / 1/8 cup raspberries / 2 Tbsp crushed walnuts / 314 calories
Tropical Paradise
  • 1 cup skim milk / ¼ cup kiwi / ¼ cup strawberries / ½ banana / 337 calories
Clink here to....
Shakeology Recipes

Do you have a recipe for Tropical Shakeology that I missed?  Please share it in the comments below!  I always love trying new recipes!   ~Kendra~

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's the season of change

What is stopping you from changing your life? Excuses are the reasons we come up with that do not put our life and happiness as a priority! Are you truly ready to make the change and put your life and future first? How would you feel if in a few months to a year you could have a new life?


I started my weight loss journey and have now lost about 70lbs by working hard, eating healthy and using Beachbody programs.  I went from a size 14 to a size 4. I went from self conscious to incredibly outgoing. The choice to change is a BIG STEP and can lead to AMAZING things....Why wait?

If you want it, it's possible...I did it and now I want to help you do it too!!  Let's not just talk about it....let's make it real! :-)

How are we going to reach that goal?, you ask.  Well.....we're going to be in a Challenge Group together (21, 30 or 90 days) or working together side by side....being accountable. Fill out an application to be considered for my next challenge group and get started this month!

I want you all to succeed and reach your goals as I did! You all can do this...I believe in you!!  ~Kendra~

Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh, the plans we'll make

Do you ever feel like you're SOOO far away from where you want to be that you can't even see the end?  Do you ever feel like no matter what you just were born with what it takes to get the job done and reach those goals? 

Remember, you already have EVERYTHING you need to reach the goals and desires placed in your heart thanks to our amazing God! You are His MASTERPIECE designed by Him for a specific purpose and His greatest love is to see you LIVE your life to the FULLEST! No matter how unrealistic or impossible your dreams may seem to those around you....they're YOUR dreams so, YOUR calling, when placed in you by the most high God!  

Don't let the fear of failure or disappointing others get in the way.  Reach out and work towards being the person your CALLED to be.  He KNOWS you can do it and I have faith in you too! :-)

Let go of those thoughts that are holding you back are start being the person you have been called to be!  ~Kendra~

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The 21 Day Fix is ALMOST HERE!!

 I CAN'T EVEN CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT, because portion control is often my WEAKNESS!!!! And this program is designed to help out with eating, not by just telling you how to eat, but physically showing you through portioned out, color coded containers. No crazy weird diet... real food.

The 21 Day Fix is simple and so easy to follow that people who were hopeless about losing weight have found a renewed confidence in their ability to live a healthy, more fulfilling life. Something about the 21 day approach is really resonating with people - young, old, male, female, severely overweight or just a few pounds to lose - the FIX will be here TOMORROW.! Yup, that's right.  You can order yours on Feb 3rd :-)  Yay!!!!

If you have any questions about the program, leave a comment below with your email address and I will send you additional info.  ~Kendra~

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why Find an Accountability Partner?

Sometimes the hardest part of sticking to a workout routine or a weight loss program is staying motivated. When your excitement and motivation have run dry, you need outside forces to help refresh you.

Accountability partners are a crucial ingredient in any health & fitness plan. A good partner provides supports. They also help you stay focused and excited on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. They stay by your side through thick and thin until you've achieved your exercise goals.

Having a partner ask you to be accountable for your workout schedule is a sure way to stay on track. They also provide knowledgeable incite into your strengths, weaknesses, habits and fears. They can be current friends, family members or strangers. They can be people who share your weight loss goals or fitness interests. You can have one or many.

 There's no day better than today to commit to a workout or exercise plan. Join my upcoming challenge group to help you get started!

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