Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to get started as an It's My Evolution Style Insider

The #1 goal of our Style Insider program is to acquire new customers with the help of I.M.E. fashionistas just like you. By becoming a Style Insider, you can qualify for sweet savings, get insider info before it hits the blog and grow your social media following all while introducing It's My Evolution's thrify subscription service to all your readers and friends.

Getting Started as a Style Insider 
Step 1: Apply for the program.
Step 2: Receive your approval via email with your Style Insider Digital Business Card and a badge for your blog or website.
Step 3: Start sharing I.M.E. with your customers and followers. ((Remember to have everyone mention your name on their style profile form so you get credit.))

Do I need a website or social media accounts?
Heck no! If you're a social butterfly who loves sharing in person, we love that too! You will just need to make sure your friends mention your name at checkout or on their Style Insider application, so you get the credit. As a Style Insider you'll have access to a FREE printable business card where you will insert your info to hand out to friends.
How Do I Get My Free Subscription?
When you refer a couple of your friends you'll be promoted to the title of Featured I.M.E. Style Insider. Featured Style Insiders may receive FREE I.M.E. subscriptions, features on our social media channels, IM.E. swag and much more! 

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It's My Evolution Thrifty & Stylish Launch Coming SOON!!

It's My Evolution is launching something HUGE very soon and I want YOU to be the first to know about it!!! 

This will be something you're gonna wanna jump on if.....

 -you love fashion, but have trouble finding great pieces amongst the clutter
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-enjoy stylish subscription services like Birchbox or LeTote
It's the official pre-launch of the It's My Evolution thrifty subscription box, which is a monthly subscription service where we do the thrifting for you & deliver 5 unique, thrifted items hand picked by your very own personal stylist straight to your door each month. We even include some fun tips & tricks for styling the items in your box.  Each box is as unique as the lady who gets it!

To get started, click here to fill out your style profile:

We will officially launch our 1st subscriptions on August 1st & are accepting pre-orders until July 24th. 

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PS:  Don't forget about our July #StyleEvolution Challenge that kicks off Wednesday!!!


Monday, June 29, 2015

Dallas Blogger Collective Tea Party at The Vintage House

I recently joined the Dallas Blogger Collective (DBC), an awesome network of bloggers in the DFW area.  They host monthly events, blogger workshops, have fun volunteer oppourtunities and even sponsored brand oppourtunities. If your a blogger in the DFW area, it's so worth checking out....and hey, maybe we'll get to meet up at the next event!! :-D

Yesterday, DBC hosted an adorable little tea party at a local boutique, The Vintage House, in Carrolton, TX.  The house itself is super cute....think all pink and tons of old school charm. I LOVED it!! It would be such a fun backdrop for a photoshoot.
When I arrived at the event, I got to walk the pink carpet....
I honestly searched and searched for a dress to wear on Saturday, but I didn't find anything I just had to have....so I shopped my closet and pulled out this dress I bought a few years back from Dots.  Added some high red heels from Target, a fun belt and lots of bracelets.  It wasn't floral like I was originally going for, but I think it worked out even better than my original plan. ((Sometimes you just have to throw plans out the window haha))
Once inside, they had an adorable tea party area set up with a beautiful cake, lots of cute desserts and yummy tea.
After grabbing a little snack (hey, when at a tea party.....lol) and chatting with some of the other bloggers, I checked out all the goodies the store had to offer.  The Vintage House is waaaay bigger than it looked from the outside-->>3 floors PACKED to the brim with Vera Bradley, Kendra Scott, girlie quotes, adorable trinkets, candles and more.  It was a girlie paradise & styled so adorably!
At the end of the event, we all got back together for a fun drawing where they gave away about 12 Vera Bradley bags....I had no clue Vera Bradley now has a leather bag line.  They are so cute!!!  I didn't win, but it was awesome to get a peek at the new line...def adding these to my wish list!
The event was a blast and I am so glad I joined in on the Dallas Blogger Collective.  I can not wait for another fun event....there was even talk of an event for spouses and boyfriends who have the honor (haha) of taking all our daily outfit photos complete with tips from a legit photog and drinks once the trainings complete.  <
Before leaving, they also gave us some awesome Vera Bradley swag bags
The swag bags we're ahhmazing and included...
 -Vera Bradley tote bag-$8 value
-Vera Bradley coin purse...
-Vera Bradley tech wallet- $28 value
-Vera Bradley nail file- $4 value
-an adorable print from @allikdesign - $5 value
-earrings from Influence
-Breast cancer awareness pencil

Seriously, check out @allikdesign on Instagram...her quotes as fabulous!!  I even got one that says "Don't quit your daydream"  LOVE THAT!!! :-D
Have you been to any blogger events lately or know of a fun one that's coming up?  Share in the comments below. ~Kendra~

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Join in for It's My Evolution's July Style Challenge: #StyleEvolution

Hey girlies!!!
July is just around the corner and we want to invite YOU to join us for the #StyleEvolution Challenge all throughout July! 
The #StyleEvolution Challenge is coming at you to help you get your summer sizzling and embrace your own unique, personal style.
Feeling uninspired when you look in your closet?
Tired of seeing piles of clothes on the floor thanks to outfit combos you just weren't loving?
If so, then this challenge is for YOU!!
We'll be giving you a daily infusion of summer style inspiration that's sure to help you pump up the volume and showcase your fun style.
Come on an join us in July.....you know you want to!!

Here's how to join in the fashion fun:
Follow along with the daily fashion theme to help you break out of your summer style slump, and experiment with what's already in your closet while having fun with all those accessories you've got lying around.

Share how you make the theme uniquely YOU by posting a pic on:

1. Facebook
Go to: It's My Evolution
Like the page and then post your outfit using #StyleEvolution.


2. Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest
Post using #StyleEvolution @KTaylor427

What pizes can you win?
For everyone who's signed up below, at the end of the month, I'll choose 2 of my favorite, stylish submissions to receive an AHHHmazing preview of our I.M.E. Thrifty Subscription Box that will be releasing SOON.


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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Restarting the 21 Day Fix Extreme

FINALLY back to the 21 Day Fix Extreme since taking a week off to let my little ole' lungs recoup. I didn't share about this on my blog yet, but during my trip to Chicago I had a hard time breathing and when I got back home I felt like I'd be hit in the chest by a mac truck.  I could barely walk across the room without becoming majorly out of breathe.  I've had asthma all my life, but the last year or so, it's gotten worse.  I'm working on getting it under control....but it's a process. So since that happened I had to take a week off of working out, because my lungs just couldn't handle it.

A week off from working out is like a year in the 21 Day Fix Extreme world, so I am basically restarting and counting today as my Day One, which means I took my before pics and this 3 week program starts again today with a little Plyo Extreme.  I did my before pic a little differently this time....

My goal for the next 21 days is to really hone in on healthy eating during dinner (the meal I struggle most with keeping healthy) and to see more muscle definition all over....specifically in my abs and thighs.  

I'm pretty proud of how awesome my workout went today, because I did NOT modify.....that's right, I actually jumped instead of stepping. WOOHOO!!!
Who else is getting a workout in today?? Have you ever tried the 21 Day Fix Extreme??  Share below!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Partner with It's My Evolution-->> Sponsorship!

There are multiple ways you can partner with us and connect with ourour viewers. With followers on our blog, FB, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest, we're able to partner with you to showcase your brand and site.
Brand Partnerships & Campaigns
Looking to launch your product in a fun & creative way? We can review your products on our blog, partner with your brand, organize & lead an event, or even create a special project around your ideas.  Here are a few ideas of how we've partnered with brands, but we're open to new ideas too!
-Sponsored Posts
-Product Reviews
-Product Giveaways
-Brand Ambassador
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Interested in partnering with the "It's My Evolution" team to host an event in or around the DFW area? Or are you hosting an event where you'd like us to live tweet, Facebook, Instagram, conduct interviews or even just attend as a guest?  Well then, email us with details.
We've blogged about brands & organizations like:
We hope to work with you soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Work Travel-->> Chicago, IL

I love that my social media job has started taking me on more and more adventures....from retreats with my health & fitness teammates to lots of fun weekend trips for social media events this year.  I have always loved to travel....there's just something about being in airports, people-watching and discovering new places. I just LOVE it!

This past weekend I went to Chicago for a super quick work trip...got there Friday evening and headed back home Saturday night. 

Before heading out for my trip on Friday morning, I got my 21 Day Fix Extreme workout in:

Kendra Taylor's photo.
Then went to work for a few hours, headed to the airport and took off for Chicago.
Kendra Taylor's photo.
After a few delays and some crazy traffic, we FINALLY made it to our hotel around 8pm.  We stayed at the Palmer House Hilton and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
The ceiling in the looby was breath taking!!
Kendra Taylor's photo.
And I just could not get enough of my chic, little room!  ((That chair though...))
We quickly took our stuff to our rooms and headed out to try some of Chicago's famous deep dish pizza....and let me tell you, when they say deep dish, they aren't kidding!!
By the time we got done at the resturant it was waaay past my normal 9:30pm (I know, I'm an old lady) bedtime. haha  So I went back to my room, got ready for bed and hit the sack.
I got up about 5am to get a workout in before heading to my work event.
21 Day Fix Extreme- Plyo Extreme
The hotel gym was amazing.....warm towels, fresh fruit, tons of equipment.  It looked like a swanky little boutique gym.  I could workout there every day!!! haha
After the gym, I got ready for the event and headed down to the hotel resturant for breakfast.  I had my shakeology, plus cereal and a bowl of fruit.
After that we all headed to the work event, which was rather slow...I made tons of phone calls to drum up some more traffic, but it stayed pretty slow until the end of the event.
After the event ended, we had to head straight for the airport since traffic was crazy and our flight was scheduled to board in just a few hours.  We grabbed an early dinner at the airport....I got a yummy tomato soup with a fancy name and a little side salad. After all that pizza, I didn't want anything too heavy.
After dinner, I picked up some lipstick, gum and a Chicago tshirt from one of the airport gift stores, headed to our terminal and boarded the flight.  Then waited....  First our flight was delayed for mechanical reasons.  Then it started a crazy down pour with lots of lightening so they eventually shut down the airport...no flights in or out.  Then when the rain finally stopped, we had to, once again, wait for maitenance to fix the mechanical issues.  After 3 HOURS stuck sitting in the plane, we finally took off.  We landed around 11:30pm and I made it home about 1am.  Such a long day, but it was a great little trip.  I would love to go back to Chicago when I have more time to maybe see a play, go to a museum and just hangout. 
Have you ever been to Chicago?  What was your fav thing about the city?  Share in the comments below!  ~Kendra~

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Part One: Sticking to your workout routine when traveling or on vacation

Traveling....wether it's for work or just fun time with friends & family...it's easy to let your workout routine become nonexsistent and let your healthy eating plan completly fall off track, BUT it does NOT have to be that way....Seriously!  Incorporating workouts into your vacation, also, does NOT have to eat up tons of your time or room in your luggage....
Here are 5 little tips that will make working out on vacation much simpler:
1. Make a plan and stick with it.
Before your trip even begins, plan out what workouts you'll do each day and what time will be best to get them in.  Then when your traveling, make sure to stick to that workout schedule...go to bed a little early if you're planning morning workouts or make a plan for a break in your scheduled activities to do mid-day workouts.
2. Keep it simple when packing.
You don't need to lug around tons of dvds and all your workout gear just to get in a great workout on vacation. I try to keep my packing light, but packing things that can be used for multiple purposes....so my workout clothes for my a.m. workouts, serve as my PJs for the night prior to my workouts....saving space and that ever-allusive morning energy. I ussually take 1 or 2 sports bras, workout shorts, a few workout tanks and one pair of tennis shoes. Also, try rolling everything up when packing it in your bag to save a little space.
2. Take advantage of Beachbody On Demand.
When you sign up for a Club Membership at Beachbody.com, you get a FREE 30 day trial of Beachbody on Demand.  With that little feature, you can stream workouts anywhere you have your smart phone or laptop....perfect for vacation, right?! I just take my iPhone down to the hotel gym with me, prop it up against something and get to work...simple & efficent!
3. Stay on the move.
Wear your fitness tracker (I use a Striiv Fusion I got at Best Buy) and track your steps each day. You should shoot for at least 10,000 steps per day as you explore whatever location your travels have taken you to. The Striiv Fusion also comes with an app so you can see how you're doing compared to your friends and your previous days....a little healthy competition never hurt. ;-)
4. Take advantage of FREE oppourtunities to get a little exercise.
You can often find Yoga studios, gyms and fitness bootcamps that offer the 1st week FREE....so google away or checkout Yelp to see what's near the area you'll be visiting and give a new place a try.  Maybe you'll find a new type of workout that you love along the way. 
5. Make the most of your surroundings.
If you've on a beach vacation, take surf lessons or go swimming.  If you're at the lake, go paddle boating or rowing.  If you're in the mountains, take a hike. Wherever you may be, I bet there's something athletic you can find to do! When my hubby and I went to Maine last year, we walked along the water, took light house tours and more....we were always on the go!
Stay tuned for Part Two: Sticking to your meal plan while traveling or on vacation.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme: Week One In Review

I can’t believe my hubby and I are already DONE with Week One of the 21 Day Fix Extreme!!! I thought I'd go ahead and share what I'm eating, what I'm doing, how I feel and what it was like to complete the first week.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is a follow-up workout to the 21 Day Fix....it's great for people who have already completed the 21DF and want a new challenge.

In the last 7 days, we haven’t missed a workout, we haven’t cheated, we’ve followed the program precisely. So here’s what’s happening:

The Workouts:

The workouts in the 21 Day Fix Extreme are definitely more extreme than the normal 21 Day Fix.  They're intense and laser focused on toning tight muscles. The program includes 7 different 30-minute workouts ((one for each day of the week)). The workouts target every single muscle in your body and you WILL feel it when your done!!! ;-)  But hey....I'd rather be sore, than sorry!!

The Nutrition:

There are a couple different ways you can organize the 21 Day Fix Extreme nutrition plan. You may opt to do the “extreme plan”, the “countdown to competition plan” or a combination. Both plans offer portion control and focused nutrition for their duration for serious results.

I decided to follow the countdown to competition plan so I'm alternating 2 days of the countdown to competition plan (lower calories) followed by one day of the regular extreme plan throughout the  program. My meals are spaced out into 2 hours increments...yes, sometimes eating every 2 hours is tough with anyone's schedule, but I did the best I could to stay on schedule!

I drank Shakeology every day and it's really helped me start my days off on the right foot! It makes me feel refueled after my workouts and kicks my craving for every chocolate thing under the sun....especially oreos-->>those are my weakness!! It feels more like a dessert than something that includes all that great, dense nutrition. Remember, the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Packs both come with Shakeology.

Week One Results:

I completly forgot to take measurements since I was out of town when Week 1 ended, BUT I did weigh and lost about 3lbs...WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited to see the scale moving, because it has inched up a couple pounds and then stayed there for quiet a while.  I am 15lbs from my ULTIMATE weight goal.....but I will say, my weight is MUCH less important than how I feel, body measurements and picture progress.  Photos tell so much more than just the number on the scale....so take those before and after pics....no matter how embarassing they seem in the beginning! ;-)

My hubby and I had gotten into the habit of eating out for dinner way more than we stayed home. Thankfully, this is helping us real it in....we're def not perfect yet, but we didn't eat out nearly as much during Week One as we had been.  ((Progress...not perfection!))
The first couple days of this extreme workouts and nutrition program rammed us right into a brick wall. The color coded containers are portion controlled and they help measure the correct serving sizes for everyone's specific nutrition needs. ((What you need varies based on your weight and lifestyle)) The success with this program (and any fitness program, really) comes from balanced, clean eating, nutrition in the proper portion sizes.
During this first week, I had to reel in my desire for Chic-fil-A and re-learn what healthy portions really are for me. Now, it wasn't easy....but I sure felt proud of myself. I'm only 1 week into this program and it's already reinforcing the good habits I know....but somehow forgot to follow for a bit.
Have you tried 21DFX? Want more info? Comment below and we can chat!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Work Travel-->> San Bernardino, CA

I wanted to start sharing some of my travel adventures with all of you, so I'm starting NOW.  I sometimes travel for work and that's exactly what I did this weekend. I traveled to an event in San Bernardino and had a great time!!   We stayed at a nice Hilton surrounded by palm trees...
Kendra Taylor's photo.
We don't see many of these in Texas! ;-)
The first night we got there we went out for appetizers and then on our way back to the hotel we stumbled upon this.....
Kendra Taylor's photo.
Of course, I had to stop and it happened to be 1/2 price day.  I got a cute Jessica Simpson sweater and target PJ jogger style pants for a total of $5.
Then we had a work related meeting and dinner at the hotel.  Their veggies quesadillas were AHHmazing!!
The next morning I woke up bright and early to get my 21 Day Fix Extreme workout in before getting ready.
Kendra Taylor's photo.
Then I headed out to work the event for most of the day.  So glad I only have to wear a uniform polo at work events!! haha
Kendra Taylor's photo.
Tried to accessorize it up to make it more girlie :-)
After the event, we grabbed some lunch and then headed to LA.
Kendra Taylor's photo.
We saw a Dodger's game  ((Well, to be honest, I didn't really watch much....we walked around, went in the souvinier shop & had some yummy Dodger Dogs.))
Kendra Taylor's photo.
Kendra Taylor's photo.
The next morning, I decided to get in another workout before heading to the airport.
Kendra Taylor's photo.
I'm really proud of how I stayed on track with my workouts and Shakeology during the trip!!
Kendra Taylor's photo.
Made it back home around 5pm yesterday and I was soooo happy to see my hubby and Zoey!!  We pick up Noah from the vet tonight. ((He was getting fixed this wknd....poor baby!))
Have you ever been to San Bernardino or LA for a Dodger's game?  If so, I wanna hear all about it!!
Next weekend, I'm heading to Chicago.  Any tips on good places to eat on a Friday night there?   ~Kendra~