Monday, September 14, 2015

My Juice Fast: Day 13-15

Wow, what a fun whirlwind of a weekend!!  Hope y'all had a great one too!  Let's get this week started with a little review of Friday (Day 13) through Sunday (Day 15)-->>  Officially 1/2 way to my ultimate 30 day goal. 

Let's start with Friday, Day 13....I woke up Friday morning and got my Hip Hop Abs workout done as usual:

I can really tell such a difference in my tummy and waist in just two weeks...I feel like I've deflated! haha  I think I was holding in tons of water from all the fast food and added salt I'd be eating.  Thank goodness that's all out of my system!!

After my workout, I got ready and headed to work.  Here's what I wore:

Oversized Cardi- $10 at Rue 21
Coral Top- Thrifted
White Tank- $2 at Rue 21
Dark Denim- $12 at Talbots
Brown Sandals- $12 at Payless
2 Gold Bracelets- Came in a set of 3 for $5 at Charming Charlie
Gold and diamond earrings- About $3 at Charming Charlie
Beaded Necklace- Gifted from NaNa from Cato

After work the hubs and I headed out to see a movie.  We ended up seeing Mission Impossible and I was really surprised at how good it was.  We weren't planning to see it, but with not many choices left that we hadn't see, we went for it and I loved the action and story line....not bad at all! I stayed on track with juicing and since the movie was an early one I just has my last juice about an hr late...I was hungry, but not starving. 

After the movie, we went home and I did all my juicing for Saturday and then packed my bags for a girls weekend with my Mom. 

I woke up Saturday at 4:15am and got a quick Hip Hop Abs workout in before packing up my car and heading out on the road:

After my workout, I got ready, finished packing, loaded up and the car, said goodbye to the hubby and headed out on the road to OKC.  

Before leaving town I had to gas up my car so I went inside the store and got some water & Argo Tea for the road.  I'd never tried the tea before, but it was delish and I love that it came in a glass bottle...totally saved the bottle for juicing!! 

My mom and I met up at the hotel around 9am for breakfast and then we headed straight to the OKC Outlet Mall. Oh my goodness y'all...we seriously shopped till we dropped....we shopped from about 10am to a little past 6pm with just a short 30min break in there for lunch.  It was so much fun....juicing was way more spread out the normal so that was a little tough, but I kept at it and made it work the best I could!! :-) 

After we finished shopping, we went back to the hotel and went through all our goodies, seperated out loot and then went to bed around Midnight.  

I still can't get over how cute the lobby of the Crown Plaza Hotel was...just so stinkin cute!!!

On Sunday morning, I woke up around 8am, got all dress and we went to breakfast in the hotel...don't worry I stuck with my juice.  I'm not afraid to take my juice in a resturant...hahaha  I mean, I'm not just going to miss out on fun times, because I'm focusing on my health. #BestOfBothWorlds

After breakfast, we went for one last little shopping spree at Target before we each headed home in separate directions.  Mom got me a few cute things for my daily planner, electronic monopoly for my hubby and a food processor for me post-cleanse....check it out:

I can't wait to try out this vegan cookbook once I'm finished has 500 recipes...craziness!! At Target I also grabbed a few all natural, non-gmo, organic juices from Target to drink on the way home since I wasn't able to juice at the hotel the night before.  They were all really yummy.....thank goodness!!

After I made it back home, I just relaxed with my hubby, juiced for Monday, took a long bubble bath and watched the Cowboys game. Hope y'all had a great weekend too!

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