Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Part Two: Sticking to your meal plan while traveling or on vacation.

Since I just got back from my own mini-vacation, I thought this was the perfect time to share Part Two of the healthy travel series so here goes:

When you're in a new city or place, it's easy to get caught up in tasting everything the city has to offer from fancy resturants to inticing food's eye catching, no doubt...BUT focusing in on healthy, whole foods even while traveling will keep you on track to meet your goals and help with lessening the after travel slump that many of us sink into.

((That's right a weekend trip with just a carry on and laptop bag..I'm pretty shocked myself. haha))
Here are 5 little tips that will make eating healthy on vacation much simpler:
1. Make a plan.
Much like keeping your fitness on track, you need to have a plan for your food too.  When I travel, I always take a few packets of Shakeology for a simple, healthy breakfast on the go. I also bring along my shaker cup, not just for shakeology, but also to keep me on track with my water intake.  Most hotel gyms have a water cooler, so you can go in there to refill your cup or bottle for FREE. ((I'm all about those free options! hehe))

2. Track what you're eating.
I used the graphic above to track what I'm eating for the day.  I can either print it out and check off each color container when I eat it or I can jot down what I'm eating in a food journal. For a FREE printable to track you food, if you're following the 21 Day Fix or Extreme, CLICK HERE!  The containers are stackable and easy to carry, so you can even take them with you without using up too much precious luggage space. 

You can also download fee Apps for tracking your containers on your iPhone....check 'em out!

3. Be balanced.
 If your in New Oreleans, you probably want to tray cajun food....if you're in Chicago, you may want to sample deep dish pizza, etc.  It's OK to enjoy the local cuisine that's no so healthy, BUT be balanced about it.  When I know we're going out for a fabulous dinner, then I keep my meals and snacks a little lighter.

4. Do your research.
Scope out Groupon, Yelp and other websites to find healthy options whereever you're going. You can even go to a local grocery store to stock up on a few healthy snacks to tide you over inbetween meals.

5. Leave the spandex and stretchy waistbands at home.

Yes, vacation is all about comfort and ussually includes pretty casual attire, but lounging in only stretchy pants or spandex is a good way to NOT notice your waistline expanding as you chow down on all the gourmet goodies.  To be more aware of the vacation bloat, pack a few denim, non stretch items, so when you slip them on you can feel (from the tightness or looseness) how well you're staying on track with your goals.

 Hope this helps on your next vacation or work trip!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We're more than just cute clothes-->>we're working on bettering ourselves inside & out!

The It's My Evolution Team is founded on personal development, because we surely wouldn't be where we our with our brand or business without it. Trust us, when we first heard about doing personal development daily, we instantly thought of overly-corny self-help books and 80's style cassette tapes telling you to think happy thoughts, but modern day PD is so NOT corny, super motivating and truly helps you align your passions with your ultimate goals.

Today, we want to take a second to share our newest personal development resource, Tara Travis.  Tara is a passionate Master Coach and Leadership mentor who encourages visionary women entrepreneurs & coaches who desire to Activate Wealth in their lives and businesses.  We recently joined in on her FREE Wealth Activation group and wanted to encourage you to join in too.

Download Tara's FREE Wealth Activation Kit here: www.TaraTravis.Org 

The kit includes the following:
* Free Audio Training – Developing a 6-Figure Feminine Leader Mindset
* PDF Workbook – To create powerful shifts in your business
* 5-Day Wealth Activation Challenge with simple daily assignments to create radical shifts sent to you via email 
* Private Facebook Group to share your successes with like-minded women entrepreneurs and coaches who will cheer you on as you activate wealth in your daily life

Let us know in the comments below if you're joining in.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Daily Outfits In Review

Here's a review of some of the outfits I wore last week.....from animal print to floral...I was all about patterns last week. ;-)

Oversized animal print

Florals and polka dots

Stripes and flexing....perfect combo

Which outfit was your fav?  Share in the comments below

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Join the Change Your Life Challenge

The 21 Day Fix has been my one of my absolute FAVORITE programs!! I haven't lead any online challenge groups in a while, but I have seen lots of life changing transformations with this program and think it's about time we get going with a new group!! It really is all about simple fitness, simple eating and amazing results as we spend 21 days going through a workout program encouraging one another all along the way!!

Super Simple Food

Awesome Results

We’ll be starting Day one of our Prep Week Monday, August 3rd. If you're interested in joining with the 21 Day Fix (or any other program) ~ Add me on Facebook and shoot me a message or comment below! We can go over your goals and get you started on your way to reaching them!!

Can't wait to be on this journey with you!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Change your thoughts and change your world!

These pictures aren't the easiest to post, but it's my transformation and I feel led to share it with all of's physical transformation, yes....BUT it's also so much more than that!

-In high school, I was an overweight wall flower afraid to show my smile in pictures, because I never felt pretty enough. 
-In college my wall flower ways disappeared, but my confidence was still super lower. I used my silly, extrovert personality to hide my stress and struggle. 
-Post-college, I was just lost.....what's next, who am I, where am I headed? I was so worried about what everyone around me was doing. I was crippled by the comparison game.

and, where I am now is so far from where I was in any of those previous pictures. I'm ME (and not affraid to truly be who I am). I'm getting in shape and doing my best to be healthy. I'm completely in love and not playing that horrible, emotional comparison game any more. I'm an entrepreneur with a vision for the future & I'm excited about it...not stressed.
What caused the change? It was a total shift....a shift in my actions, in my mindset, in my faith. It took didn't happen over night and it was not always easy, but I want to encourage you that if I can do it....if I can follow God's calling for me, YOU can too!!! 

 Isn't that awesome?

If you're ready to change your life, I want to be there alongside you encouraging you all along the way. Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at and we can chat about what your goals are and how you can make amazing changes to reach them.

I.M.E. Founder,

Monday, July 20, 2015

#StyleEvolution Challenge Update

Want to see a fewMORE adorable fashionistas that are joining in on the #StyleEvolution Challenge?  Here are a few of our recent favs:

 @alovelylittlewardrobe @vanessabenefiel @maria_neonamber @clrhodaback

The I.M.E. team has had a blast checking out all the adorable outfits (and we bet you have too).  To join in our if you just wanna check out the fabulous fashionistas, look on Instagram, FB and Twitter for #StyleEvolution.

Want more info, check out the blog post where we gave all the details like How to participate and what the ahhmazing prizes will be for TWO stylish winners.

We can't wait to see how you infuse your style & bring them to life.

Make sure you're following us on Instagram to win.  @KTaylor427

Friday, July 17, 2015

Meeting with Zomato

Today I had the opportunity to meet up with a rep from Zomato to chat about the app, their recent takeover of Urban Spoon and how we can partner together (my blog & their app).  Of course, I wanted to wear something cute to mark the occasion and settled on a summery, floral top with shoulder cut-outs, skinnies and some fun wedges.  Tried to keep it casual, girlie & fun:

We met at Panera Bread. (I love a chance to go there since my hubby isn't a fan we rarely go.) Anyways, from the moment I walked in and met Alyssa and Nick, I felt like Alyssa was a girlfriend I'd known for ages.  She was so fun to chat with, had so much knowledge about Zomato and knew a lot of other local bloggers from the Dallas Blogger Collective.  

She showed me all the cool features of the app.....from writing reviews, checking in at resturants, blogging and connect with other foodie friends.  This app is AWESOME and I am so excited to start taking advantage of all the awesome features!

Alyssa also said they're planning some fun events for the Dallas area.....think private dinners, foodie walks, happy hours and more.  I love a fun chance to meet up with new friends, fellow bloggers and people who love good food.  I mean, who doesn't, right?! 

You all know, if you've been following I.M.E. long, that I love healthy food so I can't wait to start sharing reviews of places where you can gather with friends, but not totally get off track with your meal plan.  #WinWin  Sometimes when you're trying to eat healthier, it feels like your stuck at home eating grilled chicken and veggies, but there's tons of healthy options out there and I am so excited to share them.  Sharing is really!  

Are you on Zomato yet?   What's your fav feature from the app?  Share below! :-D

Also, make sure to connect with me: @KTaylor427

I.M.E. Founder,

Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to get items you've LOVE in your It's My Evolution box

Here's a little Thrifty Subscription Box Tip to help you get the most from your It's My Evolution box. By following this simple tip, you'll be sure that you to get the the best thrifty pieces that work for you and your existing wardrobe. 
(Plus, you'll get it all at a thrifty price!)  

Thrifty Box Tip: Share those details, girl!
The more details you include when filling out your Style Profile, the more likely you are to get thrifty pieces that will be exactly what you're looking for! So make sure you include a link to your fashion inspiration board on Pinterest, so we can see what styles you're diggin. 

Here are a few ideas on what you can share:
-Fav. celebs style
-Colors you love or hate
-Love jeggings, but hate trousers?  Let us know.
-Bright colors, neutrals or patterns

*You have until the last Friday of each month to submit or update your Style Profile.

Have your own thrifty box tips?  Well, then we want to hear 'em!  
Share your own tips in the comments below! 
PS: Sign up to get your I.M.E. box in August by July 24th.

Your I.M.E. Founder,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's My Evolution Thrifty Subscription GIVEAWAY

We've had soooo much fun during our website launch this week that we think it’s about time to get YOU into on all the fun too!  How are we going to do that?  Well, with a super fun giveaway, of course!  ONE stylish winner will receive a FREE month's thrifty subscription from our team here at It's My Evolution
The drawing will be totally random (no peeking, we promise!). 

If you've wanted to be one of the FIRST to give It's My Evolution a try, but have been hesitant to subscribe, here’s your chance and BONUS-->> It's FREE! 

There are TWO ways you can join in on the giveaway fun: 

1: ‘LIKE’ It's My Evolution on Facebook and SHARE our Giveaway post. 
2: Follow @KTaylor427 on Instagram and SHARE our post with #IMEGiveaway. 

The contest begins today and will close at 11:59 PM, CT on Saturday, July 18, 2015. 
Only TWO (2) entries max per person.  The winner will be selected by a random drawing and then announced on Monday, July 20th.

Can't wait to see who wins!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#StyleEvolution Challenge Update

Want to see a few of the adorable fashionistas that have joined in on our #StyleEvolution Challenge?  Well, here are a few of our favs from yesterday's theme- It's a Cardi Party!

Our team LOVES checking out all the fab outfits (and we bet you will too) to join in our if you just wanna check out the stylish ladies, look on Instagram, FB and Twitter for #StyleEvolution.

Want more info, check out the blog where we give all the details: How to participate and what the ahhhmazing prizes will be for TWO stylish winners.
Today's theme is Get Graphic, check out our founder joinin in:
Here are the rest of the themes for July. 
We can't wait to see how you infuse your style & bring them to life.

Make sure you're following us on Instagram to win.  @KTaylor427

Monday, July 13, 2015

It's My Evolution Website Launch TODAY!!!

It's My Evolution is soooo excited to announce the launch of our new website!!! We invite you to explore our site, fill out your style profile, and make sure to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our new website or our styling service.
Also, make sure to fill out the small form at the bottom of our website so you can get our newsletter where we'll keep you up to date on all of our exciting new additions, sales, promos, styling tips and MUCH MORE.  ((Don't worry, we hate spam!))
In honor of todays ahhhmazing launch, we want to reward you, if you sign up today you'll get a special suprise:
In honor of our launch today, we want to celebrate by givine EVERYONE who signs up today an extra item (That's 6 items total) in their It's My Evolution August Box.  Who doesn't like extra thrifted goodies for FREE?  We do and know you fashionistas will too!
Vist our website now to join in and get your FREE extra item in August!
Thanks so much for helping make It's My Evolution a stylish success!!  We couldn't do it with YOU!
I.M.E. Founder

Friday, July 10, 2015

My 100 Lifetime Goals

Since Beau and I got engaged in 2012, had a beautiful wedding and have gone through all the adventures the first two years of marriage can bring, we often chat about what we want to do, see, and become.....isn't it fun to day dream and set goals.  My hubbys a big dreamer and he encourages me to dream BIGGER....bigger than I normally would on my own.  Not only that, but he honestly believes I can accomplish each one.  I hope that YOU have someone in your life that's pushing you towards your goals like that! ;-)

I'm a list person and one of my friends came up with the idea of creating a 100 Lifetime Goals list, so of course, I'm jumping all over that and thought, Hey....why not share it with all of you.  So here goes.....
My List of 100 Lifetime Goals
Have children (at least two)
Bring a child into our family through adoption
Be hands-on parents who teach our kids Christian values
Go on at least 1 family vacation per year as a whole family.
Do at least 1 family photo shoot per year
Go on a date once a week.
Create a home/atmosphere our future kiddos are proud of.
Cater to my famalies unique love languages.

Visit all 50 states including a cruise to Alaska (1/2 way there)
Go on at least one work trip per month (if trips are offered that month)
Float the river in TX
Go on a couples trip with friends
Go to an all-inclusive resort somewhere tropical
Take our family to Jamiaca
Visit our extended famalies every other month, at least.
Visit the Holy land and see the places Jesus once stood with my hubby.
South Korea
African safari trip
Go to Pittsburgh for my besties wedding- Nov. 2015
Go to a bed and breakfast with my hubby
Live in New York for a year, just for fun.

Complete all projects for our home
Plant a veggie garden
Finish decorating my home office in 2015.
-Gallery wall
-Hang vintage mirror
-Add a pretty rug.
Move either closer to our family or to H.V.
Purchase our ultimate Dream Home:
-3,000sq ft minimum
-4 bedroom w/large office space
-kitchen with white cabinets & stone counters
-large backyard like the one we have now, but add an outdoor sound system and a larger garden
-patio w/outdoor kitchen

Experiences (13)
Attend a show at Fashion Week in New York
Take a cooking class with Beau
Take dance lessons with Beau
Go jet skiing
Take a helicopter ride over a beautiful city
Enroll the pups in doggy daycare
Take a ride on a sailboat
Go white water rafting
Take a hike in the grand canyon
Attend a musical on Broadway
Try daily vlogging for a week, just for fun.
Read the entire Bible.
Go on a cruise down the riviera.
Go to a painting class with girlfriends.

Share about my passions via social media daily (Faith, Family, Fitness and Fashion).
Partner with brands to showcase their fashion and beauty products. (To partner with us email
Grow the I.M.E. following to 1 million on:
-The blog
-FB Like Page
-And more
Do a fitness photoshoot when I hit my ultimate goal weight.
Do a creative, fashion photoshoot for I.M.E. with thrifted outfits.
Be active in a local bloggers meetup groups. (Dallas Blogger Collective)
Start a personal stylying/shopping business that includes a styling subscription service. (Launching Aug. 2015)
Start a website that encompases all areas of my brand (In Progress)
Start a thrifters Meetup group on
Start my own fashion subscription business.
Partner with youtubers and bloggers to officially launch the I.M.E. subscription service in 2015.
Have the ability to work from home full time by 2016.
Host a thrifters weekend/style conference by 2016.
Get officially registered as an LLC & trademakde I.M.E..
Complete all the amazing Personal Development trainings made avaliable by my Coach, Kati.
Attend a Personal Development conference hosted by Chalene Johnson
Publish a eBook about thrifting and defining your personal style.
Host my 1st periscope in 2015.
Participate in a local fashion event representing I.M.E.
Donate a portion of one month of I.M.E. sales to charity.
Get I.M.E. featured in a magazine article.

Get my asthma in check
Have defined abs.
Be confident in a bikini in front of actual people.
Reach my ultimate goal weight of 120lbs
Workout 6 days per week
Try hot yoga.
Try barre.
Try jazzercise.
Complete all the Beachbody programs I own, but haven't finished yet.
-21 Day Fix Extreme (Almost done)
-Brazil Butt Lift
-10 Min Trainer.
-Insanity Max 30
-Hip Hop Abs
Complete the following workout programs avaliable on BOD:
-Chalene Extreme
-Rockin Body
-Turbo Jam
-Yoga Booty Ballet
Do a 5k w/hubby.
Do a 10k w/hubby.

So now it's your turn.  Create a list of your own 100 Lifetime Goals and share a few of your favs below.  

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A little bit about the founder of It's My Evolution-->> Kendra Taylor

To know me, is to know someone who is passionately (Ok, maybe a little obsessively) in love with her furbabies.  So  today I want to introduce you to the furbabies behind the girl......
(Pretty much the pace you can find her 90% of the
Zoey was my first puppy, post living with my parents and having a puppy, but taking absolutely no actual responsibility for it, besides the fun stuff like cuddling and dress them up in my baby doll clothes. Zoey loves getting dressed up too. ;-)
A little bit about Zoey AKA ZoZo.....
She's 7 and will turn 8 in December of this year.
She became part of the family when I was still in college and my hubby and I were just dating.
He lived in an apartment & I lived in the dorms, so she lived with him the first few years of her life.
She has crazy teeth, so she's not the best chewer. She prefers stuffed animals over bones any day. Her favorite thing to do is can pretty much always find her sleeping somewhere: in her bed by the fireplace, under one of the barstools of even on top of my laundry pile in the closet.
(Doesn't he look like he's about to take flight with those wing like ears...haha)
Noah's the newest member of the family. In the prime of his puppy phase, he's always on the go, loves to chew and can jump like no other.

He'll turn 1year in September.  AHHH he's growing up so fast!  While Zoey's become more of a daddy's girl....Noah is attached to me at the hip & follows me everywhere. He loves annoying Zoey, jumping off the back of the couch, chasing balls and running circles in the backyard. 

So there you have it, an introduction to the furbabies of the little Taylor family.  If you want to see lots more puppy pics, you can follow me on instagram @KTaylor427

Do you have any furbabies in your family?  I'd love to hear about them....share below!! :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Fav FREE Photo Editing Site-->> PicMonkey

If you love to blog, post fun Instagram photos or just enjoy a good selfie, then you probably use some type of photo editing site or app. When you think about editing your photos, you may think it's going to be complicated, time consuming and just tough, but Picmonkey makes it simple, fun and fast!  Plus, they have a FREE option to get you started.  <<--gotta font="" love="" that="">
The site I use most for graphics, logos, and social media posts, personally and for my business, is Picmonkey. Pickmonkey has a FREE option where you can edit and create adorable images for your blog and business.  They even have TONS of tutorials to help get you going.  The site helps you make graphics for all your social media posts, logos for your business, Facebook cover photos, blog headers, cute ads and much more.
Check out some of the editing festures it includes here:
Here are a  few details about each feature:
The crop icon: Do tons of basic edits, like croping, adjusting the light and much more.
The magic wand: Add effects, like Sepia and dark edges, to your pics.
The lipstick icon: Edit out those wrinkles, under eyes and less than desireable shine spots. 
The T icon: Add text to your photos and there are tons of fun font options.
The butterfly icon: Add fun extras like stickers, labels and more.
The frame icon: Add tons of different frames to your pics.
The weave icon: Texturize you photos with clouds, bricks, water and lots more.
The apple icon: Gives you access to themes editing options, like party, school, comic book hero, etc.
I use Picmonkey for the vast majority of my marketing materials including my social media graphics, headers and blog posts. Each editing option comes with tools (like the ones shown above) to help you edit like a pro, even if your a beginner. I really love this website and hope they eventually come out with an iPhone app.....Wouldn't that be awesome?!
No matter where you are in your journey as a blogger or business owner, you can really benefit from using Picmonkey. It is simple, fun and let's be honest....who doesn't like free?? 
What are some photo editing tools or apps that you use? Do you use PicMonkey? If so, what do you use it for (business or just for fun)? 
PS: Don't forget to tags It's My Evolution in your daily outfit posts, so we can give your style some love by using #StyleEvolution.
*This post isn't sponsored, I'm just happy to share this awesome site with y'all!