Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Juice Fast: Day Eighteen

Still feeling great and chugging along right through Day 18. I've been creating my own random juice recipes along the way....most are hits, some are complete flops, but it's fun to create new things!!  I also purchased some smaller beets and adding one in to a recipe gives it a kick in a waaaaay less overwhelming way.  The large beets I was previously using were way too concentrated!!

So anyways, let's get on to how Day 18 went.  Of course, you probably have my morning routine memorized by now, because I like to keep things simple & consistent.  Morning Hip Hop Abs workout at 4:15am:

Here's what I wore:

Patterned Top- $5 at Maurices
Striped Cardi from The Limited- $2 at Goodwill in OKC
Dark Denim- $7.90 at Forever 21
Blue Sandals- Gifted from NaNa from Cato
Diamond stud earrings- Gifted from NaNa
Bracelets- Charming Charlie & Maurices
Long Chain Necklace- $1.99 at Charlotte Russe

Tried a new flavor of coconut water yesterday-->> Pineapple by Harvestbay.  It was ok, but doesn't compare with my fav lemonade flavor.  I also didn't like that the fruit flavor came from concentrate, but that's not a huge deal breaker.  

What do y'all think?  What's the yummiest coconut water flavor you've tried?

The juice flavors I made yesterday were on point!!!  I need to start writing down my recipes and keeping track of what I like....I followed all the Reboot recipes at the beginning, but now I've branched out and just create my own based on what I think would be a good combo.  Surprisingly, it works out most of the time! haha

After work, the hubs and I went to Best Buy and I got to spoil him with a few present, which I NEVER get the chance to do so it was nice to be able to give back to him.  He seriously does so much for me...provides for our little family, loves our Zoey & Noah (Those crazy furbabies) and truly takes care of me....whether I'm sick or emotional or entrepreneurial and passionate-- He always seems to have my back.  #ThatsLove

He's the one who started me on this crazy juicing journey and he has been encouraging me all along the way.  If you decide to try a juice cleanse...whether it's one day or thirty, make sure you've got a cheering section for when times get tough or doubt sets in.  It really helps!! 

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