Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Announcement

>>>>>Are you Active Military or the Spouse of an Active Duty Military Member??!!<<<<<<

If you are, then this is for YOU!!! 

If you are under those 2 guidelines, then you can join Team Beachbody as a coach for absolutely FREE!! Your coach enrollment fee of $39.95 is waived along with your monthly service fee of $15.95, which is WAIVED too! 

Want to earn an income in this awesome business? Or perhaps you want the Coach discount of 25% all Beachbody products! Either way HOW awesome is it??!!! I would love to have you become part of Team Bombshell Evolution!!! Message me on Facebook or comment below for more info!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

All About the 21 Day Fix

Well, here are MY 21 Day Fix results:

What can you do in 21 days?!?

Who would like to reshape their BODY with me? I am starting a 21 day Summer Slim Down Challenge on June 2nd that will be focused on slimming down, firming those problem areas & honing in on your nutrition all while following the 21 Day Fix program! This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Beachbody program so you KNOW I'm ALL IN!! :-D

YES, you are going to have to eat healthy and work hard. Yes, you will feel SO SILLY trying to do some of the moves in the begining.  (You'll get the hang of it, I promise!) BUT Yes, you will have a slimmed down body if you follow the program!

I'm hosting a 21 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge which begins June 2nd!

If you would like to join in, here's what you need to know:

Bikini season is basically HERE it's officially time to GET SERIOUS about your health & fitness!!

Here is what I cover in the challenge:
- How to create a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE rather than just a short-lived QUICK fix.  ((Remember it takes 21 days to create a habit!)


- Guidance with your nutrition! (I give you TIPS on how to make the 21 Day Fix meal plan work for you!)

- RESULTS!!! End the 21 days a BETTER, STRONGER, more CONFIDENT YOU!!! These 21 days will help lay a SOLID foundation for success!!

Are You READY?

What you need: 
1.        Purchase the 21 Day Fix Pack from this link. It will ensure that I am your coach to help you through the program! 
2.        Be mentally prepared to begin and give it your all! Excuses won't get you me!!! 
3.        APPLY HERE! The more I know about you and your goals, the better I can help you succeed! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meal Prepping and Ideas for the 21 Day Fix

Every Sunday at the Taylor house is grocery shopping & meal prep day.  For the 21 Day Fix (and most healthy eating meal plans) preparation is ESSENTIAL!!  If you don't prep in advance you waaay more likely to just wing it and end up eating fast food and unhealthy options that are quick.

If you meal prep once a week, the healthy options will be the quickest & easiest options....gotta love that!!  It's worth a little time just one day a week, don't yah think. ;-)

I've found some yummy combos as I've been on my journey with the 21 Day Fix, check em out:

Here's a breakdown:  (1 yellow, 1 red & 1 purple)

-Oatmeal, apple slices & 2 hard boiled eggs
-Toast w/jelly, banana & 2 hard boiled eggs
-2 slices of turkey bacon, banana & toast w/jelly
-Oatmeal, orange slices & 2 hard boiled eggs

For lunch, I've kept it simple with meat, veggies & lite dressing:

Chicken, mixed veggies & lite caesar dressing

For lunch, I've kept it simple by sticking with 1 red, 1 green and 1 orange container.

For dinners, I've stuck with 1 red, 1 green and 1 yellow container. 

Fish, Mixed Veggies & Lite Cesar Dressing

For snacks, I stick with 1 green, 1 blue, 1 purple & 1 red.  My morning snack is always 1 green & 1 blue, check out some examples:

(Sweet peppers & Hummus)

(Sugar Snap Peas & Cheese)

My afternoon snack is always exactly the same....1 purple and 1 red: A small banana & Shakeology.

(Vanilla Shakeology)

The way I stay on track is by being prepared.....everything is purchased, precooked & portioned on Sunday.  I stock up on tons of Ziploc bags to make it all work. This week I grilled a TON of chicken and turkey sausage.  Plus, I baked a bunch of mixed veggies.....just throw em on a try, put it on 450 and set a timer for about 30mins.....perfection!!

I also set out my lunch bag and all the items that don't need to be refrigerated the night Shakeology, oatmeal, supplements, green tea mix, a banana etc
Laying out everything the night before makes it so easy to grab & go quickly in the morning! After meal prepping the fridge and pantry are stocked with 21 day Fix approved goodies:

 Here's our pantry:
Ultimate Reset Maitenance Kit, Shakeology, Portioned Oatmeal, Portioned Peanuts & more

How do you meal prep for the week or do you at all?  Try it out and see how it changes your week.  I'd love to hear how you use meal planning to make eating healthy easier for you during a busy week!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Beachbody Coach Training Group Coming SOON!!

Wow y'all...this year has been full of blessings, from being able to travel to Pittsburgh (all expenses paid) for an awesome Bombshell Retreat, finding my passion and finding my soulmate workout program.

I feel like it would be completely selfish not to SHARE this opportunity that has allowed me to bring in an additional income for our little family, ownership over the future, the courage to dream BIG & amazing new friendships (reminds me of sorority in college...gotta love that!) that have helped me become even more positive, fun & motivated!!

What if you could have the money, the time, and the resources to help your family succeed while doing what you loved? How would it feel to work hard now, live your passion & help others to create success to enable you to live a future by your own unique design?

This month, I am going to open this training up to 5 new coaches. I want to keep this group SMALL so we can have one on one time together!! My goal is help YOU lay the foundation for success, so that there is OPPORTUNITY for more FREEDOM in your life...time with your family & to eliminate the stress of living paycheck to paycheck! ((Trust me, I've been there!))

So... if you want would like to....
Make a little extra money to help your family
Pay off a debt 
Help people while also helping yourself stay accountable to living a healthy lifestyle
Be involved in a positive group of like-minded ladies
Buffer your family income to alleviate some of the pressure
PAY for an upcoming vacation
Or quite your 9-5 to work from home  (My ultimate goal)

Then, this is may be just the opportunity for you!! Stop wishing and waiting for things to change on their own...Let's work together and DO something about it!

Like I said, I'm only selecting the FIVE most committed ladies that fit the awesome culture of Team Bombshell Evolution. Ladies who are: Outgoing, determined, creative, loving, positive and that value their faith.

If you want to apply for one of these FIVE spots...then APPLY HERE!!  (Link to application)

Complete the short application and I will send you the requirements if you're selected!! 

If you know someone who would be a great fit for our team, please feel free to let them know or send my information their way! You never know, you may just help change their life by presenting this opportunity! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Workout Wednesday- PiYo's Coming Soon!

It's coming!!! Chalene Johnson' has a new workout called PiYo!! It's Pilates, yoga and flexibility training. It will build strength and also have a cardio effect. If you've done Turbofire or Chalean Extreme, you know that Chalene is SOOO motivating!!! I got to try PiYo at the last Super Sunday in Dallas...I honestly didn't think I'd like it since I have NEVER been a yoga fan, but this program totally surprised me!! I'm really excited about this NEW program!! 

Get more info HERE or message me on Facebook for details.

Have you ever tried any of Chalene's programs?  What about pilates and yoga?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Try out the 21 Day Fix

Still haven't had a chance to try the 21 Day Fix?  Don't worry!!! I will be doing another 21 Day Fix group starting on May 12th!!! It's just 30 minute workouts and a SIMPLE portion control nutrition system with containers to make it fool-proof!!

Checkout my Round One results:

Want more details on the 21 Day Fix program or about joining my Facebook group, comment below, or send me a Facebook message!

It takes 21 day to create a habit and that's exactly what this program helps you create healthy exercise and nutrition habits that will ultimately help you reach your goals.  What goals are you trying to reach??  Are you ready to start working towards them??

Monday, May 12, 2014

21 Day Fix, Round One Results

That's right, it’s results time!

From now on, for more accountability, I will be posting updates on this little ole blog every MONDAY that include:

My weight, goals for the week and a review of the previous week.  My accountability partner and I put a date on our goal is to hit 115lbs by July 4th.  That's my ultimate weight loss goal...I know I can get there!!

Starting weight: 194.4lbs This week: 132lbs
Total weight lost: 62.4lbs
This past week was the final week of Round 1 of the 21 Day Fix....unfortunately, I got sick for MOST of the week and let's be honest, when I'm sick, my eating is not on track.  Orange juice, chocolate chip cookies, and grilled cheese sandwiches. 
As the end of the week neared, I figured that I had probably gained weight, thanks to all that. And as much as that’s not really fun, and doesn’t help me reach my ultimate goal....I'm not letting it get me down...I was sick and that's happens. Plus, when I weighed, i had just maintained, so I'll take it. :-) Nobody's perfect, and to get down on myself because I decided to indulge while i was totally sick is just pointless. 

So the 21 Day Fix is totally my Soul Mate Workout...the workout that I see my self returning to time & time again. I'm even starting Round 2 today....this round will be cut short a bit, because of a trip to Maine with the hubs, but I'm Fix'n till we leave for the trip. Woot, woot!!

So here's where I started (Pre-Fix)

Then week 2 blew my socks off!!!

Check out the difference in just a week:

 Since I got sick at the end of week 2 I didn't get an official bikini pic, so this will have to do:

Here are my final results: (Only got in 1 workout during Week 3)

Here is the comparison of each week side by side:

From Day 1 to Day 21:
So it's time to set some goals for this week:
  • Follow the 21 Day Fix meal and exercise plan.
  • Pre-cook my meals for the week on Sunday and pre-portion everything so it's easy to grab and go. (Check)
  • Focus on my Beachbody business and start a Push to Emerald focus group for my coaches.
  • Read at least 15 minutes of Personal Development daily.

Let's chat in the comments section below!

How do you keep from getting frustrated or disappointed when the scale shows a gain?  How are you planning to rock it and get closer to YOUR goals this week?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

What is Beachbody coaching? Join in to learn more!!

I've had a ton of people ask me "What is that coaching thing you're doing?" ...Some people just think I'm on Facebook ALL the time. My husband knows that I'm passionate about helping others learn how to get fit and eat healthy. My family knows what a HUGE difference Beachbody has made in my life.--->>> But what is it that I REALLY do as a coach?

I found out about coaching through a GREAT blog post made by my own coach and JUMPED on the chance without even talking to her about it first (lol), but I know most people like to dip their toes in the water before jumping all in. So, I'm offering a free, one week "What is Coaching?" group to answer these questions starting May 12th:

->> What do coaches actually do?
->> How much time does it take to be a coach?
->> Is there training available?
->> What kind of person makes a good coach?
->> What kind of income can you make?
->> What is the time commitment?

If you want the answers to those questions and more, then join in the ZERO obligation "What is coaching?" group on Facebook. For seven days, I'll be sharing with you what it takes to be successful, and how you can CHOOSE your level of commitment based on your personal goals.

The group is FREE to just tell me you want in, and you are in! BOOM!! We kick off on Monday, May 12th! Just comment below with your email or message me on Facebook and I'll add you to the group....simple as that.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

21 Day Fix: Week 2 Review

I'm technically on Week 3 of the fix, but haven't done a workout yet this week, thanks to a lovely little Upper Respiratory infection that has set in. I've been laying on the couch, trying not to cough, begging out on Army Wives on Netflix.

So back to the update....Week 2 of the fix went really well!!  The food plan is so easy to stick with, I haven't been hungry and the workouts are so fun.  I love this program, seriously!!  Since sickness set in at the very end of Week 2, I didn't get a chance to take progress pics, but here is a pic I snapped after a workout:

I feel like this program is really helping me to tone.  Hopefully, after i kick this bug, I can finish off this last week strong.  Either way, I will be doing a Round 2 right away.  The hubs and I leave for our Anniversary trip on May 24th, so I'll keep it up until then.  We'll be gone for 5 days, but once we're back I want to start ANOTHER round....yes, I have BIG plans for this program.

Here are two meals I enjoyed from Week 2, check em out:

2 eggs, toast w/ jelly & a small orange

Chicken, with green beans and lite Ceasar dressing

Here are some goals:
-See those abs!! (I've never, ever had abs, so this will be HUGE!!)
-Loose the last 17lbs by July 4th (My accountability partner and I thought it'd be great to give our goals some deadlines.)
-Hit Diamond in my Beachbody business.

Being sick has been a bit of a set back, but that's not going to keep me from my goals....progress may be slow some times, but I will get there!!! :-D  I know you can too!!  I actually have a challenge group starting May 12th and I'd love for you to join in so we can keep each other accountable.  If your interested, please fill out the Challenge Group Application HERE.