Friday, September 4, 2015

My Juice Fast: Day FIVE

Good morning everyone! I am loving this juice cleanse....I needed a reboot, a fresh start to my healthy lifestyle and this has been just the thing.  Today's supposed to be my last day, but I've decided to extend it a exact end date, but def not over 30 days.  I'll probably end it when I go for a girls weekend with my mom in over a week, but no worries.  5 days was my goal so no matter how much more I do, I'm happy. :-)

Started out my day at 4:15am with my usual backyard workout...I've been doing Hip Hop Abs, but I changed it up and did a little Rockin' Body....still Shaun T just a different background and different music.  Still the fun dancing, cardio I have been loving lately.

After my workout followed my normal routine, got ready for work, fed the pups, ironed the hubby's pants, packed our food for the day and headed to work.  I curled my hair and was in a rush so had to take my outfit pic in the office restrooms instead of our usual morning photo shoot. 

NOTE: I'm really excited to be wearing this combo.....pre-cleanse the shirt was too tight and make my stomach look chub-city plus the skirt kind of dug in to my waist, but not any more....Woohoo!!! Almost back down to my normal weight range, which again isn't the goal, but it sure is nice to see numbers I'm more comfortable with on the scale.  I'll probably share all the numbers: weight, inches lost, etc when I'm done. 

When I got to work I worked for about an hour before my first juice and I've really noticed that water just tastes and satisfies me so much more than it did feels so refreshing and like I'm actually hydrated.  My mouth never gets that cotton feeling anymore.   

Made a different juice today and my taste buds were rocking....1 beet, 4 carrots and an orange.  Odd combo, but I was really surprised I didn't hate it.  It took a few sips to get used to, but it was pretty good. Plus, it's just such a pretty color!! ((Like that matters, but hey....cuteness totally matters, right?!))

After my first juice time flew by and I didn't even realize it was past 10am, which is when I'm supposed to have coconut water, but I haven't been back to the store yet to stock up so I tried all natural black tea with the teeniest bit of raw sugar....Yuck!  I only drank 1/2 to fill me up a bit, but I will not be having that again.  Another store run needs to happen asap!!

Had lunch with a friend again....she had beef, green beans and mashed potatoes.  I couldn't remember what flavor of juice I made for lunch, but it was a super dark redish-purple. Once I took a sip it came back to me....30 green grapes, 1 carton of blueberries, a peach and 2 handfuls of spinach leaves. 

It was really good...wasn't as fruity as I thought it would be.....more like a soft fruityness if that makes sense.  Anyways, it was good and left my teeth a lovely pink color...thankful I always have a mirror on hand (AKA My iPhone in selfie

After lunch, I was working away while also mentally planning post-cleanse life...I don't want to go back to eating out a ton for dinner...I want to truly clean up my diet and stick with it.  I'm working on making a plan now so I don't fall on my face post-cleanse and destroy all the hard work.

Anyone have any tips of sticking to a clean diet....mostly vegan.  I have just felt so good without processed's awesome!!! :-)  

Around 2pm, I had my afternoon snack:

Got off work at 3:30pm and headed to pick up my hubby. We work for the same company, but in different buildings....LOVE the we can car pool!! :-)  More time together and saving gas- Win, Win!!  He was running a little late so I had time to drink my 4pm juice before he finished up.  

Then we drove home and I made him pepporoni pizza (my pre-cleanse fav!) and I made my juices for Day 6.  Then we sat down to eat and watch Drop Dead Diva on Netflix.  Have y'all watched that show?  We're watching the whole thing for the 3rd time....the mix of court drama and girlyness is perfect!!

After that I worked on creating Style Tip sheets for all my September I.M.E. styling clients and started sorting out clothing for them.  Still have a little more work to do on that before I ship them out this weekend. 

Ended the night with one more episode of Drop Dead Diva and went to bed around 9:45pm. 

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