Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Juice Fast: Day Three

It's DAY THREE....Woohoo!  Last night the hubs and I had a chat about my goals for this juice fast and it became clear that it's bigger than 5 days.  It's about really healing my body, regaining energy and just resetting overall.  So I'm not setting an end date for it....I'm going to go until it just feels time to stop. (At least 5 days, but up to 30 max)  We'll see how it goes.  
I started my morning the usual way....with a 4:15am workout on our patio in the backyard with Noah running around chasing frogs and bugs.  (Zoey always goes back inside to sleep. haha)

Still zooming through Hip Hop Abs and still loving it too.  I am discovering muscles in my tummy that I never knew existed....crazyness!  Makes me feel like having abs one day is acctually possible....AHH!

After my workout, I got ready for the day, ironed clothes, made breakfast for the hubs (Pancakes and a ham and cheese omolet with OJ), fed the pups and had my hubby snap a few outfit photos for me, because I am loving this little combo:

Then I headed out the door to work with some hot lemon water for the road.  I HATE lemon in cold water, but hot lemon water's recommended on the cleanse, so I tried it and surprisingly it was good. 

Once I got settled into work, answered some emails and hit the ground running...I had my 1st juice of the day at about 8am.  This juice is my FAV!!!  It's 4 carrots, 2 apples and a lemon....perfect way to start the day!

10AM....Time for some coconut water.  This time I'm drinking Vita Coco's Lemonade flavor and let me just has changed my distaste for all things coconut.  This tastes REALLY good.  Like I would actually want this as a treat instead of having it simple because it's part of the plan. MMM!!

At noon I went to the cafe in the office building I work in to have lunch with a friend...I thought it would be tough, but honestly I wasn't even jealous of the Mexican food she was eating.  ((Mexican foods one of my favs too!))  Yay for small victories! 

After lunch I chugged more water (I really think keeping your water intake high is really a big part of feeling better on the cleanse!) until time for my 2pm snack....I made a big batch of green juice so it was the same I had for lunch.  Luckily it's a super yummy combo. ;-)

After work I went to pick up my hubby....we like to car pool. While waiting for him to finish up at work I chatted with my dad on the phone and drank my next juice.  

After that we headed home and this is where it gets a little ugly....I had felt great all day: perky, energized and just good.  Then it hit me....I was super emotional out of semi negative thing said and it's like my emotions went into a tail spin. I cried, I whined and I didn't even know why I was so upset.  ((During all that I had my last juice, but forgot to take a pic to share....I was the same juice flavor I'd had for breakfast....yum!))

Now to be fair, I am a sensitive girl, but I have worked really hard to get my emotions in check over the years.  My hubby was like "I don't know what's going on?!"  haha I was a hot mess.  My drama lasted for about 2hrs and then I was all better.  He hugged & comforted me and I calmed down.....thank goodness!!  And was weird....I felt oddly at peace.

I've heard a lot of people say they feel something spiritual happen on a cleanse and I definitely felt an awesome peace after my drama fest....we'll see how my emotions go here on out.  Hopefully my emotions are all cleansed! hahaha

Stay tuned for Day Four coming tomorrow.  

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