Monday, October 13, 2014

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just 24 Hours in a Day

Do you ever look at successful people and just assume their road to success must've been easy?  Or see someone skinny at the mall and assume she can eat whatever she wants and somehow stay that way?  Guess what, we all have our own journeys and just because we may perceive perfection in other at first glance, there's generally a lot more hard work going on behind the scenes than we realize.  Success takes work, plain and simple!  Fitting workouts in to a busy schedule is tough, but if it's truly important to you, you'll find a way. 

Here's how I fit in my 2-a-day workouts: 

Monday-Friday (Thursday's my rest day): I wake up at 4:45am and take Noah (our Dorkie puppy) outside to eat, then I go get Zoey (our shihtzu) out of bed and feed her inside.  Then I gather us my workout stuff and some water and head outside to start my workout.  Mid way through I press pause whenever Zoey's done eating so she can get some outside time too. 

After that it's a full day of work.  After work, I come home and the hubs and I have dinner.  Then I spend 30mins to an hour hanging out with him relaxing and watching TV. Then, I set out our food and clothes for the next day.  I generally get my workout in around 6:30 or 7pm. Then, I shower and get ready for bed.  I'm in bed by 9:30pm most days so I will make sure and hear my early alarm. 

Weekends: On the weekends, my workouts are a little less planned.  My morning workouts are pretty much the same as weekdays, because Noah's so little that he generally wakes up at the same time ready to eat and go outside.   

My evening/afternoon workouts are more go with the flow.  I schedule them based on what plans we have.  If I know we're going out with friends or to a movie, I get my workout in during the early afternoon.  If we don't have plans that night, I wait till 7pm or so to workout, but no matter what I make sure to have a plan for the day. 

Remember, we all have the same 24 hours in the day.  How will you use your to get you closer to your goals?  ~Kendra~ 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Goals for October 2014

I wanted to share my goals with all of you to let you know what I'm working towards and to hold myself accountable.  Sharing and visulaizing your goals is a HUGE part of making them happen.  So here goes: 

Goals for October 2014 
Personal Goals: 
-        Do 2-a-day workouts 6 days a week. 
-        Loose 8lbs!!  ((115 BY January 2015)) 

Business Goals: 
-        Hit SC5 
-        Blog 3 times per week 
-        Start messaging people on Pinterest 
-        Get over 200 likes on my It’s My Evolution FB Like Page 
-        Add 3 new coaches 

I broke my goals down between personal and business related.  For personal goals, this month I am focusing on my workouts and weight loss.  I am so close to my ultimate weight loss goal...only about 20lbs away...but I've been holding between a 5lb range for quite a while and I need to break through!! :-) 

As far as my business goals go, I am working to really push my business to a new level this month.  I absolutely love helping people, but I noticed over the last few months I was slacking....I wasn't reaching as many people as I could and I wasn't helping enough people change their lives.  In September, I was 1 point away from hitting my Success Club goal, but this month I AM getting all 5 of those little points!! hehe  I'm also going to make sure that y'all are getting plenty of new content here on the blog and on my Facebook Like Page (PS: If you haven't checked it out yet, come on over and LIKE it!). 

What are your goals for October?  Share them below so we can encourage one another! :-)  ~Kendra~

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Current Meal plan: 21 Day Fix, Level 1

Meal planning can be overwhelming if it's something new to you, so I wanted to share an overview of mine to give you some tips on where to start.  I follow the 21 Day Fix meal plan and am on the 1st calorie level. I prep and portion out all my veggies and meats on Sundays so during the week, my meals are just grab and go.  It's so much easier to stick with if you're prepared ahead of time!!

Here's how I portion out my containers:
(Plus the 2 tsps of fat that aren't listed-I have those after my evening workout.)

Here's a sample day of my meal plan:

1. For breakfast I have 2 hard boiled eggs, a piece of fruit (orange, apple or small banana), a piece of toast with jelly and peach mango green tea.

2. For my morning snack, I have veggies (carrots or sweet peppers) dipped in Hummus.

3. For lunch, I have a meat (Mostly turkey) with veggies and sauce (ketchup or dressing).

4. For my 1st afternoon snack, I have a small banana.  I have these daily to help me keep cramps and charlie horses at bay.  If I don't have one a day, my legs and feet seem to cramp up.

5. My 2dn afternoon snack is Shakeology....I flip flop on which flavor i like best, but right now I'm going with Chocolate.

6. For dinner, I have a meat (Turkey), mixed veggies and a carb (Sweet potatoes, rice or toast). 

7. After my evening workout, I have 2 tsps of Peanut Butter to kick my nightly craving for sweets.

If you'd like to know more about my meal plan, add me on Facebook and shoot me a message, i'll be glad to share. :-)  ~Kendra~

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey-It's a Process

Since my weight loss journey started I've lost over 60lbs. I did it by simply stuck to clean eating and exercising regularly using Beachbody programs like P90X, The 21 Day Fix, PiYo along with a little zumba, running and other varieties of exercise. Overall I wanted to change my lifestyle to make sure this change would become a permanent one....not just a fad or phase.  I've was overweight for as long as I can remember....back as far as 5th grade.

Oddly enough, there was no big moment, huge breakthrough or horrible event, that made me FINALLY make the decision to do something about my weight.  In March of 2011, I simply decided...I'm doing this....I'm going to start exercising and tracking everything I eat so that's just what I did.   For me personally, the main thing that prompted my desire to change my life was my feeling of insecurities and my yearning for something more out of life. I wanted so badly to break out of my shell and be the me that I knew God called me to in 2011 I took the steps that have helped me to change my lifestyle.

Looking at a photos of myself when I was at my heaviest weight oddly helped motivate me. This has continued throughout my journey as I can now compare old pictures to updated pics side by side and see just how far I've def keeps me motivated to keep putting in the hard work!  Having a before picture and continuing to take progress pics of yourself along the way can really allow you to see exactly how much you've's motivating, empowering and just makes you feel proud of yourself.  

Another thing that has really helped me is having a group of like-minded ladies to lose weight with. We keep each other accountable, share meal plans and ideas, encourage each other, and push each other to achieve our goals.  If being part of a group like this sounds like something that would motivated you, we'd love to have you join in our private Facebook health and fitness challenge group.  CLICK HERE to get all signed up OR you can add me on Facebook and shoot me a message. ;-)

REMEMBER this is a journey and a process, it’s going to take time and that's ok. Focus on being healthy instead of just on the scale. You may not see results right away, but if you keep working everyday those results will surely come in time.  If I can do it, I KNOW you can too!!!  :-D  ~Kendra~

Sunday, October 5, 2014

PiYo Final Results

I am so excited to say that today I officially completed PiYo....60 days of workouts.  No, I wasn't perfect....I didn't always eat clean or rock every workout, but I stuck with it and completed the program. :-)  This is the longest Beachbody program I've finished so far and this helped me believe in myself more....believe that I can stick with something and see it through.  I know if I could do this YOU can too!!

So let's take it back to where I started on August 10, 2014:

I had a back injury and wasn't able to workout for about 2 months.  During that time, my eating went down hill and I lost focus.  Once I got cleared by my Chiropractor to exercise again, I decided to go with PiYo since it's love impact and easy on the back. 

The workouts were fun, challenging and really helped my back feel better:

Now on to the results....drum roll please (haha)

Checkout the side by side with Day 1 and today, Day 60:
I can't believe how much of a difference I can tell.  And I'll let you in on a little secret, I follower the modifier the entire way.  Also, the last two weeks I did double workouts, which consisted of PiYo and Slim in 6.

Have you thought about trying PiYo?  Connect with me on Facebook and I'll be glad to chat with you about it!! :-D  ~Kendra~

Friday, October 3, 2014

One Week Can Make A Difference

So as I mentioned, I started doing doubles workouts and checkout the difference from before double workouts and at the end of 1 full week of 2-A-Days:

If you thought you couldn't see changes in a short time or if you need to see results quickly, try adding 2-a-days into your routine.  I was getting a little discouraged and needed to see results to stay motivated, so the extra time and effort were worth it...because they pushed me forward.  What keeps you motivated?  ~Kendra~

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't play the comparison game!

When I started my journey, of course I have those compliments from people where they appreciated my progress and I really took that in. When alone, I would take time out to look at old pictures and compare them to my progress pics.  Of course, there was a difference, but....I would always think things like
"I know I've lost  60 pounds, but I don't have abs."
“I can use 15 pound dumbbells now, but ook at what that girl does."
“My arms are getting toned, but I still have all this flabby arms when I wave."
“My thighs are smaller, but I still don't feel cute in shorts."
I added specific negative conditions to my observations.  My self-love was mixed full of self-doubt and comparison.  

 I was never truly good enough for my own standards. What I looked like and the progress I made was never enough and that made it hard to be happy with who I was.  BUT after lots of reflection, long talks with encouraging friends and of course, prayer, I was able to see that I am my own BIGGEST critic
I was the biggest obstacle getting in the way of my success: not emotional eating, not missed workouts or lack of motivation. It took a long time before I learned how to love myself UNCONDITIONALLY.
If you have or are struggle with having unconditional love for yourself, try making these promises to YOU and recommitting to them daily;

  • I promise to compliment myself every single day, no strings attached.  (Keeping a positivity or blessing journal really helps me!)
  • I promise to be specific and sincere with the compliments, because saying “you’re pretty” just isn’t going to get the job done!
  • I promise to hold myself accountable to my goals and dreams just as I would to friends or family, because I’m just as important!