Friday, February 28, 2014

Doubts...we all have them!!

Like everyone, I have days where I feel inadequate, insecure and just 100% confident, days where I doubt my ability as a leader, where I think that maybe this whole life will all fall apart and I will be back to being my old self....shy, lost and confused about where I'm headed. Is that voice in my head REALLY me? HECK NO!!! I got here because of the grace of God and an amazing passion He placed on my heart along with my willingness to follow that passion! Remember doubts are completly NORMAL... EVERY SINGLE COACH IN BEACHBODY, actually every sindle person alive has times where they feel the exact same way. I think people often think you just get to a certain point and then somehow you just have it ALL TOGETHER from then on!, that will NEVER happen. 

You will always have moments of doubt, moments where people attack what you stand for, reject you, etc... but it is an inner CALLING is what keeps my faith intact and keeps me PUSHING myself to keep moving forward, even when the road gets tough. I know there are more people out there that NEED me to help them reach their health and fitness goals, support them and be there for them and I just cannot help them if I let other people get me down. I have to be strong enough to shine even when I'm fighting through the darkness... even if scary or stressful things come up from time to time!  Keep on trucking and moving towards those goals and God's will for your life.

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