Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Mom

My mom was on my heart this morning, as she is every morning after our morning chats on my commute to work as I tell her what outfit I'm wearing and go over my to-do list for the day. Today I want to share some things that I have come to realize about her over as I've grown, gotten married and started thinking about having a family of our own.

My mom, with my dad by her side) raised 2 children working full time with Multiple Sclerosis and even though we were sometimes tight and we had busy schedules, we never EVER went without.  She was at even game, recital and school party.

She has a heart for God and continues to put everyone's needs above her own (sometimes to a fault). Now as a stay-at-home mom to my little brother (who has Down Syndrome and ADHD) she never has time for herself... and has never seemed to complain. She loves being able to be there for him ALL the time!

She was a mom of ALL TRADES! She cooked, she made me handmade costumes (Including one ADORABLE penguin outfit), she made me feel special even when she had to spend tons of time with my brother doing physical and speech therapy when he was a baby.  She gave us the most wonderful Christmas's with lots of love and more presents then we deserved. hahaha She could make you feel totally better when you were sick by buying you new pajamas when you got a shot or taking you to Sonic to get some ice cream.

My mom and I couldn't be any more different personality wise.  She is soft, gentle and content with being in the background supporting her familys dreams, but I enjoy being a chatterbox, social butterfly type.  I  feel sooo blessed that I got my HEART from her....and wish that I could be 1/2 as kind as she help compensate for the snarky, sarcastic part of me. (Thanks Dad!!  hahaha)

I don't think I fully appreciated who she was when I was younger... and how HUGE of a role she has played in who I have become, but I want to take a second to say THANK YOU MOM. I know without all the sacrifices you (and Dad) made and the love that you made sure we felt, I would not be the person I am today.  I love you mom!!! 

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