Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh, the plans we'll make

Do you ever feel like you're SOOO far away from where you want to be that you can't even see the end?  Do you ever feel like no matter what you just were born with what it takes to get the job done and reach those goals? 

Remember, you already have EVERYTHING you need to reach the goals and desires placed in your heart thanks to our amazing God! You are His MASTERPIECE designed by Him for a specific purpose and His greatest love is to see you LIVE your life to the FULLEST! No matter how unrealistic or impossible your dreams may seem to those around you....they're YOUR dreams so, YOUR calling, when placed in you by the most high God!  

Don't let the fear of failure or disappointing others get in the way.  Reach out and work towards being the person your CALLED to be.  He KNOWS you can do it and I have faith in you too! :-)

Let go of those thoughts that are holding you back are start being the person you have been called to be!  ~Kendra~

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