Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's more than skin deep...

In the quest for toned abs and a balanced diet, it’s easy to forget about the importance of skincare. That’s why Beachbody developed Derm Exclusive®, a comprehensive anti-aging skincare line, lauded by skincare professional, Dr. Andrew Ordon.

What sets Derm Exclusive apart from other skincare products, Dr. Ordon?
It’s comprehensive. The Derm Exclusive Ultimate Kit involves all facets of a complete skincare program: cleansing, moisturizing and, of course, the Derm Exclusive original:  Fill & Freeze®. You put that on and see results immediately.
What is the most common misconception about skincare?One misconception about skin care is that it’s something for women that have already aged. That’s NOT true. Skin care is for both men and women and should start when we’re younger. That’s how you’ll prevent signs of aging. If you take care of your skin just like you take care of your car—if you maintain it—it’s going to keep on running.
What do you consider beautiful?Beauty isn’t only skin deep. But the first thing anyone sees is your outer shell, and if you have bright vibrant, healthy looking skin, it makes a great first impression. Going further, I think age appropriate skin is beautiful. I have women coming in saying, “I’m 60. I want to look 20.” And then they try to get there with invasive things like lasers, peels, skin tightening, etc. I don’t think that is a healthy attitude. Your skin should look good or great for your age.
Besides Derm Exclusive, what else can we do to take better care of our skin?Good skin starts from the inside out. Diet is important. And keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating things that will keep you hydrated like cucumbers.  They help you retain water to give you a fuller, healthier look in the face.
Any celebrity beauty tips and tricks to share?We get a lot of celebrities on our show. They swear by things like getting enough sleep, exercise and water. Another old Hollywood trick that’s been passed down is putting cold green or brown tea bags on your eyes. Something that’s good for you on the inside is probably good for your skin on the outside!
Any other last thoughts about Derm Exclusive and skin care?Protect your skin from the sun. That’s the single biggest thing you can do. Use a moisturizer with SPF, wear a hat and sunglasses, get to know your moles, and have your skin checked for cancer once a year. Take control of your skin health and get yourself involved in a basic skincare program. Derm Exclusive makes it easy for you. If you don’t know where to go with your skin care, this is the answer.
(Info from Coach Monthly November 2013)

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