Thursday, February 20, 2014

There's Something About Strawberry Shakeology

So what exactly is the difference between Tropical Strawberry and the new Strawberry flavor, you ask? While Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is vegan and a blend of several fruit and berry flavors, the new Strawberry flavor is whey protein based (non vegan) and, well—all about the strawberries.

No other fruit flavors added. Just sweet, delicious, oh-so-satisfying strawberries. And if you want to talk texture, this shake is one smooth operator. So essentially, you’re getting a sweet-tasting shake that’s also incredibly smooth and creamy. Not a bad combination, folks.
Savor the new light flavor. Refreshing. Fruity. Delicious. Word on the street says the new Strawberry Shakeology is a slam-dunk winner in the all-important flavor department. Bursting with mouthwatering and succulent strawberries, how could it be anything less than awesome? “I’m a big chocoholic and have been drinking Chocolate Shakeology for 5 years, but strawberry has become my go-to breakfast now,” says Carolina. “It just makes me happy. Hard to explain, but it really does!”
Here’s a few quotes from some of our Strawberry panelists:
“Impressed with this flavor. Very sweet tasting. Really tastes like a strawberry milkshake!”
“It is amazing! NO CHALKY Aftertaste! I absolutely love it!”
“I absolutely loved it! Perfect texture and flavor! Goes down easy and smooth.”
After all this love and attention, it’s clear Strawberry deserves to have somewhat of an ego. But how does it stack up health-wise? 
Delicious for your body, too.Sure, Strawberry is outrageously delicious, but let’s not forget about all the goodness it gives to your body.
First, Strawberry has the same protein blend and nutrient profile as Chocolate, Vanilla, and Greenberry. What’s more, it still contains over 70 healthy ingredients, including many nutrient-dense  superfoods from around the world.
So with either Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, or Strawberry you’re getting almost all the same levels of superfoods, vitamins and minerals—not to mention your daily dose of dense nutrition! Bottom line? It’s still the healthiest shake in the nutritional galaxy. By a landslide.
Think inside the boxFor those of you who prefer not to be monogamous with just one Shakeology flavor, here’s a little something just for you: the awesome, new Triple Combo Box featuring Strawberry Shakeology. Think of it like the Neopolitan ice cream box of 3 flavors—only about a thousand times better for you!
No reason to say goodbye to your current favorite flavor. Just mix it up. On a daily basis. And as far as creative recipes go, you can’t get much better. Check out some great recipe options here and visit for even more!
To get more info about Shakeology or to try it for yourself, click HERE!

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