Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Free Clean Eating Challenge: Starting march 17th

When I first started my weight loss journey a few years ago....the first thing I focused on was changing my eating habits and goodness, I am glad I did!  Eating is seriously 80% of the healthy/weight loss equation.  If your eating is not in check, your results will show it.  I'm the planner type, so I put a little notebook and pen in my purse and took it everywhere.  I wrote down EVERYTHING I ate along with calories and what exercise I did that day.  That is obviously a bit extreme, but it worked for me at the time. 

As I have continued to journey towards health and my ultimate fitness goals, I've learned a few things that I'd love to share, so I'm starting a FRE 21 day clean eating challenge.  To get signed up, simply add me on Facebook  and fill out this application.   

Once that's completed, you're registered for the challenge, which includes healthy eating tips, workout tips, some fun contests and much more. One of the main things that has helped me continue to reach for my goals is accountability partners and that's another thing this group provides....a group of people who are on the same journey, working towards similar goals so it's the perfect place to make like-minded friends who will be supportive and encouraging.   

If that sounds good to you, I'd love to have you join in!!  Spots are limited, so make sure to sign up FAST. 

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