Friday, February 21, 2014

As far as workouts go....Shorter is the new longer!

Ready for more traditional, time-consuming workouts this year? Not so fast.

Multiple-hour sweat sessions are so 2013. This year, it’s all about efficiency. Not a minute wasted.
Get in, get out, and get on with the rest of your day. It’s true; shorter, more intense workouts are all the rage. That’s because now you can slash your workout time in half—without sacrificing the results. Intensity, not duration, that’s the key. And to prove the point, we’ve enlisted the help of two men who pretty much invented the word intensity: Tony Horton and Shaun T.

There’s never been a better time to learn about the benefits of shorter workouts. With the arrival of the FOCUS T25 Challenge Pack and the extension of the P90X3™ Challenge Pack in January, you’ll be ready to educate your customers—and help get them in the best shape of their lives!
Shorter is the new longerThe rise in popularity of shorter workouts is no accident. There’s science behind it.
“Studies have shown that shorter workouts can be as effective, or even better than longer workouts,” says Shaun T. “The goal is to make every second and every minute of your workout count.”
A major benefit of shorter workouts is that the most dramatic body transformations happen in the first 30 minutes of exercise. “People are more likely to train harder when the routines are shorter,” Tony Horton teaches. “For example, you’d run a 200 meter race faster than you would a 10k.”
Makes perfect sense. But how will P90X3 and FOCUS T25 do in the long run? 
Beat the burnoutThe shorter time frame in programs like P90X3 and FOCUS T25 help eliminate one of the biggest problems with more conventional programs: burnout!
“Burnout happens when your body isn’t prepared to do what you’re asking of it,” cautions Tony. “It also happens when you can’t make the time to do one hour-plus workouts.” He adds, “This is one of the many reasons why we created P90X3. It’s P90X® and X2 intensity in just thirty minutes.”
FOCUS T25 is, as the name suggests, 25 minutes. And Shaun says the variety in T25 is the perfect remedy to beat workout boredom. “We constantly change the focus minute by minute so you work one part of the body and rest others,” he says. “That’s what makes it so effective. No nonsense. Just results. 25 minutes and then you’re done!”
The skinny on the new programsSo what is it exactly that separates these new programs from the pack?
“P90X3 is very unique because it combines muscle confusion from P90X, muscle integration from P90X2, and muscle acceleration in fast paced workouts,” says Tony. “It’s brutal, but still awesome.”
Shaun serves up a couple reasons why T25 may be your go-to program. “It’s a total body training program combining cardio, resistance, upper and lower body circuits, strength, and core,” he says. “We’ve effectively selected moves and sequences that are necessary to see results. No matter what your age or fitness level, you can do this.” 
For more info on P90X3, CLICK HERE!!  For more info on T-25, CLICK HERE!!
(Info from Coach Monthly Jan 2014)

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