Monday, August 10, 2015

Starting a new workout program-->> Hip Hop Abs

Going a little old school and committing to Hip Hop Abs.  Started on Sunday and I'm already LOVING's basically a super fun, booty shaking workout full of cardio and super fun dance moves.

I love that this workout has TONS of dancing and no crunches or crazy sit ups! I despise doing crunches.....especially since my back injury last year.  They always seem to make my back sore during and after I do them....and it's not a workout soreness, it's like a 'somethings not right' kind of sore. Crunches are NOT worth another round of Chiro visits, that's for sure!! 

Weights aren't required for the workouts but I like to use my weighted gloves, because they add a little extra burn. I'm also following the workout schedule:

If you're like me and your knees get worn out from lots of jumping, be sure to follow Tanya, the awesome girl who is always standing to the right of Shawn T on the screen. She modifies every single move and you still get a GREAT workout. Just because your move aren't as hard core/jumpy does NOT mean you’re not making a difference, so stick with it and you're bound to see results. 

Another thing I am loving is that Hip Hop Abs comes with Beachbody On Demand, so when you get signed up for a Beachbody Club Membership, you'll have instant access to the program which means you can take it anywhere you have internet access without lugging around cds that you have to worry about scratching or breaking.  LOVE THAT!!!  And you get a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL, then after 30 days it's just $39.95 every 3 months.  WAAAAY cheaper than any gym I've ever been a part of!

Here are my before pics....once I'm done with the program, I'll be sure to share my after pics as well:

Do you love to dance?  Or just want a fun way to get in shape?  Then comment below or add & message me on Facebook to get started.


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