Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Day In the Life -->> Weekday Edition

Woke up at 4:15am to birds chirping on my sound machine/alarm clock.  They chirp slowly and if you're not gently woken....they get louder and louder. haha  Luckily, I usually wake up when they still sound like sweet little baby's a nice way to start the day.

Then I let the puppies out in the backyard and make my E&E and chug it as I go grab my workout gear.  Then I let the pups back inside and give them some morning treats.  Then Noah, our Dorkie (Dauchsund/Yorkie), and I head back outside for my workout.  

(Bucket where I throw in my iPhone to use Beachbody On Demand or a portable dvd player when I use CDs....I ussually just use my iPhone nowadays.  Plus some water and a bucket to lug everything, including:  Dvd player (if used), tummy wrap, a stand for my iPhone and weighted gloves)

Zoey, our shihtzu, likes to stay inside and go back to sleep in her bad with her piggy.

This morning, I did Hip Hop Abs- Ab Sculpt....just 25mins and I got an intense sweat and my baby abs were burning!!

After my workout, I get ready for work, feed the pups, pack our lunches and make breakfast for my hubby.  This morning he ate cereal, 2 eggs and 2 pieces of Turkey bacon.  Simple & quick!

Oh and I can't's what I wore today:

Printed Top- About $3.50 at Thrift City
Dark Skinnies- $7.90 aForever 21
Wedges- Gifted from Mom from Cato
Bracelets- $1.99 at Cato, 6 for $5 at MIZ Outlet and about $3.50 at Charming Charlie
Earrings- Came in a set for $4.99 at Charming Charlie
Necklace- 6 for $5 at Miz Outlet

Then the hubs and I carpool to work that extra bit of time together. ;-)  Plus, makes it super easy when we wanna head out for a fun dinner date after work. 

When I get to work, I make my breakfast:  Shakeology, green tea and a banana

Around 10am, I have my 1st snack of the day-->> Greek Yogurt

Then I continue working until Noon, when I break for lunch.  Today I had lemonade with my Chicken Noodle Soup:

During lunch I checked my Facebook messages and followed up with a few Beachbody clients and sent out a few new invites.  Lunch time is a great time to get work done on your Beachbody business!!! ;-)  ((Use those spare moments wisely.))  #PowerHour

Around 2pm, I had my afternoon snack of pineapple:

After work, I took my hubby to a Dr's appointment and then we headed home.   For dinner I made up a new creation.....check it out:

21DF Approved Mexican Mixer for One

Container count per serving: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green & 1 yellow 

4oz of ground turkey
A dash of tomato sauce
1/2 a packet of chilli mix
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder, divided
1/4 cup of shredded cheese of your choice
Dash of ground black pepper
A dash of Worcestershire sauce
1 cup of mixed veggies
1/2 cup of rice

-Cook veggies in a pan sprayed with nonstick cooking spray until tender.
-Put the ground turkey in a separate pan and add all seasonings.
-Add dash of tomato sauce & Worcester sauce
-Cook the turkey until it's done.
-Then cook the rice. (I use all natural 90 second rice)
-Put the rice on your plate & top with the the veggies, then the ground turkey mixture.
-Finish it off by topping it all with shredded cheese

After dinner we watched a few episodes of the office, then I went outside for my 2nd workout of the day.  It was quiet the backyard performance! Two dudes were mowing in the neighbors backyard, plus Noah and Zoey were front row & center....I had a full audience!! 

I did Rockin Body's Booty Time workout....whew!!

After my workout, I took a nice bubble bath, watched some youtube videos (Check out The Frey Life & Ellie and Jared-->> Both awesome families that do daily vlogs)  Then we all went to bed.

And that's a pretty normal week day routine.  Wanna see a Day In Life, Weekend Edition?  Let me know in the comments below!

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