Sunday, August 30, 2015

My DIY Daily Planner, Part 1: Supplies You'll Need

If somethings not written down I can't seem to remember it and lately my purse has become over run with post it notes to the point that I don't even know what note is still relevant....Did I still need to buy dog food or was that a note from last week?  haha

Well, to help get more organized with my life and my businesses I decided to create a daily planner from scratch. Why from scratch instead of buying one pre-made, well, because I love scrapbooking and this seemed like a practical way to put that passion to use. 

I already had lots of fun scrapbooking scissors, scrap paper, markers, monograms, etc. BUT of course I added in a few new things too.

Here's a little list of the supplies I used:

From Target: -Mini Binder, Mini Binder Paper, Mini Sheet Protectors, Monthly & weekly pages, To-Do List, Note Pad, Cute Cardstock and Colored Pens 

Walmart: Glue Sticks

I used  these to add some cuteness to my monthly page dividers:
Then you can add in fun quotes.  Check out these sites that have some awesome FREE printables: 

Once Upon Her Dream

2015 Monthly Overview Printables

Mini Dividers

Easy As DIY

I started by creating the bones of the planner like a cute dashboard, attaching a To-Do list in the front and a notepad in the back.  Then I created a cute divider for each month left in 2015.  ((Side note- How is August already almost over??))

In my next post in this series, I'll be sharing all the ins & outs of my binder-- What's included, what I use it for & more so stay tuned!! 

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