Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to DIY Ombre Hair

Last Friday night I was browsing through hair color pictures online and kept being drawn to ombre hair colors.  This is so outside of my comfort zone as I normally keep it simple with blonde/light brown hair and a few highlights.  I usually do my hair myself thanks for boxed color fro, WalMart or Walgreens, but DIYing this was a little (Ok, a lot!) scary! 

I had never tried something that, I thought, would need precision and how in the heck would I make sure the back of my hair looked great?  BUT I decided....hey, it's just hair color. If I hated it, I could just change it to something else.  So I drove myself to WalMart and made up a plan as I searched through the hair color section.

I got a brown hair dye for the top section of my hair:  (Revlon's Medium Golden Brown) and a blonde color (Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Iconic Blondes Hair Coloring Kit, 10.1 Light Blonde)
for the ombre effect at the bottom.  My hair was already blonde so I just needed the blonde hair dye to blend the two colors together and help it not look choppy.

 Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Iconic Blondes Hair Coloring Kit, 10.1 Light Blonde

So here's how I applied the dye:

Step 1: I applied the brown hair dye to the top 3/4 of my hair and left the bottom (which was already blonde) untouched.  Waited the appropriate time based on the directions on the box and then washed it out.
Step 2:  Then make sure to fully dry your hair.  I was impatient so I used a hair dryer instead of letting it air dry. 
Step 3:  Then I used the mixed the blonde hair solution and applied it like I would for highlights to the bottom portion of my hair...I also went a little onto the brown hair in some places to ensure that it looked blended.  Then I waited the appropriate time and washed it out.
Step 4:  Dry it and see how it looks.  Keep any extra dye on hand just in case you need to touch up anything.

This total look cost me less than $20 and took about an hour or so. 


Oh and you totally need to check out this video before getting started!!! 
I followed the directions in the video when I added in the blonde at the bottom of my hair:  https://youtu.be/pJMfzmpLVIU

Do you DIY your hair color?  What's your fav hair color brand?  Let me know in the comments below!  :-)

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