Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Don't let an injury stop you in your tracks-->> Keep pushing forward!

I've had way more practice at getting through injuries than I'd like, but hey...I guess, I'm accident prone.  My back injuries last year were so tough!! Then about two weeks ago I feel on a wet spot in our kitchen right onto my knee.  I thought it would be ok, but the pain and swelling just wouldn't go away.  After a Dr's visit, it looks like I may have torn my meniscus.....at that point, many people would throw in the towel...quit working out and just lay on the couch for a few weeks while it heals..

BUT there’s no reason that you have to quit your fitness routine, loose muscle and gain weight because of an injury!!   Being knocked out of your regular workouts does NOT have to be a bad thing – it could give you the extra motivation you need to stay on track with healthy eating or to try a new workout that will work other parts of your body and give you time to heal. 

Keep pushing through y'all, because there will always be an excuse to quit, but there's also a better reason to keep going!!!

**Always talk with your doctor before working out during an injury to 
find out exactly what kind of activity you should steer clear of and what kinds are ok to do. 

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