Monday, August 24, 2015

Dallas Blogger Collective's Birthday Bash

I just joined in the Dallas Blogger Collective a few months ago and this is already my 2nd event to attend and it was a BLAST!!!  We celebrated the groups first full year in action at the Rio Ritz Boutique in Dallas with all of these lovely ladies....

(There I am on the far right)

I love how these ladies love shopping and style as much as me.  Isn't it fun to meet up and chat with girlfriends who just get you and your passions?!

The Rio Ritz Boutique was all decked out with gold DBC balloons, a cute little refreshment station, cupcakes and more. This boutique was jam packed it goodness!!

They had soooo many cute shoes and nicknacks that I wanted to snatch up!  Those studded leopard heels in the back were SCREAMING my name.  ((Totally adding those to my Christmas list!))

We also got to make our own little floral crowns that to R Love Floral.  They taught us how to do the super, simple DIY and even provided tons of girlie flowers for us to choose from. 

Check out my friend Jessica, from The Mommy Archives and I rocking the crowns we made.  There's a close up of mine on the right. 

Check out Jessica's Youtube channel & her newly launched blog-->> She's an adorable mom who's all about the simple & natural life. LOVE that!!

Then we got to have our makeup done by the awesome girlboss, Heather of Heather Micheal's Makeup. She's going to be launching her own makeup school super soon and I'll be sure to share all the details with you HERE!!  :-)

Heather gave me a bolder blush and lip, which was super fun for the party.  I can't wait to try out one of her makeup classes and step up my makeup game. She's fabulous!!

So all in all, this little Birthday Bash was a blast!  Got to try a few new things, check out an adorable boutique, meet up with old friends, meet new ones and fuel my love of fashion.  If you're a blogger in the DFW area, be sure to check out the Dallas Blogger Collective, especially their Facebook page where upcoming events are posted.  They always have something fun around the corner!

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