Monday, August 17, 2015

My Top 5 Reasons I LOVE being a Beachbody Coach

1. The friendships I've gained with like-minded ladies who are on a journey to better themselves and lift others up along the way. 

Lots of my teammates at a Winter Retreat in 2013

Megan, my Beachbody Bestie and Accountability Partner, and I in PA at her wedding shower.

Lanise and I in Chicago while I was visiting for work.

Another one of my awesome teammates Jo who showed me around Atlanta and took me too a super yummy sushi place!

I travel for my day job and being able to visit with friends in every city I travel too is so awesome!!  Everyone I've gone so far this year, there's been a coach friend in or near that city that was all for hanging out, bonding & showing me the's just such a fun sisterhood!

2. Coaches get a 25% discounts on all the Beachbody products, plus free prizes and incentives for hitting goals within my business.  ((Y'all know I'm all about a good deal!))

Love the discounts on products and Shakeology....the savings really adds up!!

Some of the prizes have been HUGE, like a retreat to this beautiful cabin in the PA woods.  You also get rewarded for growing your team with fun bracelets & workout gear.  For hitting monthly goals, I've won a Beachbody beach blanket, cooler and more.  It seems like there's always a fun prize to strive for.

3. Being a coach keeps me accountable to my health & fitness goals!

4. Cash and Prizes.....who doesn't want that?

I continually work to stay on track with my own fitness and nutrition using programs like the 21 Day Fix, Hip Hop Abs and more. I also drink Shakeology daily.  By sharing the results I have with my friends and followers, if they choose to purchase a Beachbody product, then I get a commission (ussually 25%)!  Also, by logging my results I become eligible for daily prizes of cash and more!  Plus I even earn a FREE t-shirt every time I finish a new workout that!

5. Good ole' TAX DEDUCTIONS!  

Everything that you spend on your business, from the start up cost to programs that you buy and even your office supplies are all tax deductible.  If you use a computer for your business, part of your internet is deductible.  If you use your phone for your business, then part of your phone bill is deductible too.  Gas for traveling to events, etc.  It sure adds up!

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