Friday, May 1, 2015

The Beachbody Sisterhood of Girl Bosses

One of my absolute fav parts of being a coach is the community of girlfriends.....true, kind and passionate ladies who love... helping others and are on their own journeys to be their best selves too. Plus...(BONUS)...most of them love their furbabies and clothes just as much as me.

Last year I got to go to a beautiful cabin outside of Pittsburgh and hangout with TONS of new girlfriends and it's acctually where I met my Beachbody Bestie whose wedding I'm going to be in this November.....crazy, right?!

Also, last month I got to go to Atlanta on a work trip for my social media job and honestly I was nervous....I had never been and I don't normally travel much for work. (apparently that's changing this summer lol)  Anyways, my coworkers that were going all had plans with friends they knew from Atlanta so I was affraid I'd just be stcuk in my hotel room after work, BUT when I posted about the trip on Facebook, I realized one of my Beachbody friends lives in Atlanta, so she picked me up from the hotel and we did a bunch of shopping and went out to dinner and a fab place called Twist.  It turned out to be an amazing trip.....and it's all thanks to the Beachbody and the wonderful girlfriends it's brought into my life.

I am SOOOO excited about this summer...last night the planning began and I am getting to meet up with so many of my Beachbody girlfriends in person thanks to a bit of work travel. This network of coaches is incredible....they ARE normal people just like YOU on a journey to help others and live their best lives along the way.

Seriously, why aren't you joining in yet??!!  ~Kendra~

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