Monday, May 4, 2015

May Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: Week 1 in Review

Week 1 of the May Capsule Wardrobe Challenge went GREAT!  There are even still lots of pieces I haven't worn yet and I have NOT repeated any jewelry either (Jewelry's not included in my capsule, but I'm focusing on taking advantage of my big jewelry stash.).
On Monday, I wore my pink peep toe heels and they were just plain uncomfortable....I'm getting rid of anything that doesn't make me feel confident and just good in it, so I already tossed them in the donate pile and will be on the lookout for a bold peeptoe heel as a replacement.
Also, I absolutely LOVE wearing black pumps and they match a TON, but mine are getting a bit worn out so that's something I've added to my future shopping list as well.
Now let's talk button down shirts-->> Just in 1 week I found that prior to this little challenge I was NOT taking advantage of all the button downs in my closet.  I thought they were a bit boring, but after this week I am excited about the possibilities for remixing they offer....yay!!
Are you using a capsule wardrobe?  If so, what are some of the things you've learned so far?  Share below!  ~Kendra~

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