Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to wear your favorite MLB baseball hat with style

Since I live in Texas, I've choosen to style this adorable, satin Texas Rangers MLB hat.  I love that the satin adds a little girlie-ness to it, don't you? 
Baseball season in Texas is all about keeping cool, relaxing at the baseball stadium, cheering on the home team and having fun in the sun, BUT just because the sun is scorching doesn't mean we can't still be stylish. There are tons of different MLB Hats out there to fit with tons of different outfit know I love having tons of different accessory options!! ;-)
Here's how I would style my Texas Ranger Hat for a fun day out with my hubby doing our usual Saturday thing....breakfast at a hole-in-the-wall place, taking the pups for a walk around our neighborhood and maybe some shopping or a movie matinee. Remember, baseball hats aren't just for baseball games. ;-)
It's My Evolution's photo.
Navy and White Striped Tee (Tucked into the front of the jeans)
Bold Statement necklace
Gold Arm Candy
Brown Sandals
If you got to choose one baseball hat from Fanatics, which one would you choose?  Share in the comments below.   ~Kendra~

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