Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Focus on your nonscale victories!!

Non Scale Victories are those little victories along the way that have NOTHING to do with what number's on the scale.  Don't live by the number alone....listen to your body, take progress pictures and keep track of how you've improved in your workouts.  Sometimes we get hung up on that number like that one number is the thing that will change our whole lives. 
Yes, weight loss is awesome, but it does NOT define you. ;-)  It's just a small piece of a bigger picture.  It's just one part of your journey to be your best self.
What non scale victories have you accomplished lately?  Are you finally able to do a pullup (I'm still working on that one)? Able to fit in smaller jeans?  Running faster? Sticking to your clean eating meal plan? Drinking more water?
Whatever it is that you've accomplished that's gotten you ONE step closer to your goals should be celebrated!!!  Little goals along the way will keep you motivated and able to stick it out when times get tough. You've got this!!!!
My latest non scale vistory is increased definition in my calves and a little less jiggle in my arms. Am I at my ultimate goal? No, not yet....BUT there's progress and that is reason enough for me to be excited and proud.
Today take pride in all that you've accomplished this far!  I'm so proud of you!! :-D  ~Kendra~

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