Sunday, May 24, 2015

DIY Tummy Wrap

So several of my friends are in to wrapping and I wanted to see what all the hype was about.  Now before we get started I will say, things like this are NOT for weight loss or health purpose....I feel like it really just rids your tummy of access water weight and tightens a bit for special events.  I doubt it's a lasting result, BUT it's fun to give things a shot. ;-)

What you'll need:
-Bentonite Clay
-Firming lotion (any brand)
-Saran wrap
-a makeup bruse of small paint brush
-A tummy wrap or exercise wrap

So I took some Bentonite Clay and some firming lotion and mixed them in a Dixie cup.

Then I simply applied the mixture to both my tummy and arms with a clean makeup brush.  

Once the areas were coated, I wrap them in saran wrap.  I also added a tummy wrap on top of the saran wrap over my tummy to make sure it stayed in place. 

I slept with all the wraps on & put a sweatshirt over it to make sure the wraps on my arms stayed in place.

(From left to right: Before pic, all wrapped and then the after)

I could definatelty see and feel a difference in my tummy & it was a fun little experiment.  Have you ever tried wrapping your tummy?  How'd it go? 

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