Monday, June 1, 2015

Which Gem Are You? Finding your gem personality

Taking time to look within yourself can really help the way you comminicate with others and help you simply understand yourself a little bit better. 
Gems are a great way to begin to define your parsonality type.  Remember, like attracts you may find that many of your friends or people you love working with have a similar gem typs as you.
Which gem type are you?

Through my weightloss transformation, I feel like my gem type (mainly Saphire with a little pearl mixed in) has been magnified.  Before I was silly and perky, but I kept more to myself.  Now I am outgoing and I seem to let my personality shine more. Weightloss hasn't just changed me physically, it's allowed me to overcome my fears and be ME unapologetically.  Do I have days where I sink back into my shell and feel self-concious?  Of course...I'm a work in progress.
BUT I'm happy to so those days seem fewer and farther between and time passes. 

So....which gem personality are you?  Share in the comments below.  ~Kendra~

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