Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our 4th of July Weekend

I hope y'all had a fantastic 4th of July weekend!!  It was wonderful to celebrate our freedom and our country in our new hometown...this was our first 4th in our new home. :-)  Yay!!!  We went to our small town's festival and fireworks show, which has an apple pie baking contest, a talent show, a watermelon eating contest, vendors, food trucks, concerts from local bands and a super long, awesome fireworks display....PERFECTION!!!

We started the day with a  big breakfast at a new little cafe we found, which had a ton of farm fresh, healthy options....I loved it!!!  Now, my breakfast wasn't vegan or gluten-free, but it was such a nice treat!!!!

After breakfast we headed to the celebration...

We walked around to all the vendors, tried some fresh squeezed lemonade (DELISH!!) and then sat down and relaxed under a little tent. After cooling off we got lunch-->> Corn dogs and bottle water. We only ate about 1/2...they were huge!!  Carnival/fair type food is always so ridiculously sized. lol

After lunch, we took in the talent show and by this point we were BURNING UP in the hot Texas heat, so we decided to head home until tim for the concerts and fireworks show.  By heading home, I mean my husband went home and I took shelter from the heat in some of our local thrift stores. haha  They were all having awesome sales and for just $10 I scored 2 cute tops and 2 cardigans. 

After dinner that evening, we headed back to the festival and watched some country concerts and waited for the fireworks. 

I didn't snag any firework pics, but they were awesome!!!  My hubby made this day so much fun....he was up for anything and let me lead the way when I wanted to look at all the jewelry vendors, candles and nicknacks.   

I wanna know what you did on the 4th....leave me a comment and let me know! ~Kendra~

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