Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A little be about me: My little family

I wanted to share a little more about me....not just fitness or fashion loving side, but my favorite little FAMILY. It's just me, my hubby and our pup Zoey.  So here's a little bit about us....

My hubby and I LOVE to of my BIG goals is to visit all the 50 states....together we've knocked out New Mexico (even though I'd already been there lol), California, Maine and New Hampshire. We also love long weekend trips like Austin, San Antonio, Fredericksburg and more...Texas has plenty of fun place to have an adventure.

Our pup, Zoey, loves to try and steal our food...Here she was staring down my nightly spoon full of PB.  It's like a little healthy dessert....yum!!

Here my hubs and I were celebrating the 4th of July in our new hometown.  Loved it!!

Zoey has some corky little eating her food is a silly way.  She takes 2 piece out into the middle of the living room, lays down next to them, eats 1 at a  time and then runs back to the kitchen to grab two more bites. 

Do you have pets in your family?  Are they like your little babies?  My hubby acts like it's silly, but he's totally in love with her just as much as I am. lol   ~Kendra~

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