Monday, July 21, 2014

30 Day Beachbody Coach Training & Internship

I'm so blessed to have Beachbody in my life that I feel like I HAVE TO to share it with other people who are in the same boat I was & show them the ropes as they get started! 

About 4 years ago, I was working at my first post college job which I HATED! (I'm not a sales-woman and that cold calling and quota type stuff drove me nuts!)...about 60 lbs overweigh, had low self confidence, was overworked, underpaid & just a totally stressed out.

Beachbody has already helped me so much by providing income to pay for medical bills, and not only that, it's afforded me a pretty incredible oppourtunity to dream BIGGER than ever before, a positive outlook, AMAZING friendships and a very exciting future (I can acctually see myself getting to live my dream as a Stay At Home Mom.) While our little family only consists of Beau, our Shitzu->Zoey and myself...I feel like BIG things are is this little families future as it grows. 

My MOTIVATION is to pay it forward and share this incredible oppurtunity with others who are right where I was---A wall flower wanting, no NEEDING more out of life, wanting to loose weight and wanting to live the life of their dreams.

I may not have had the skills to be a business owner (General Studies major in college right here...woot, woot)...but I did have...PASSIONMOTIVATIONDETERMINATION & A desire to do MORE out of life!!

I SERIOUSLY believe this opportunity has been placed in my life so that I can share to help encourage and empower other women.  
You don’t have to have to know everything before you start...It takes a special kind of person who is willing to take a leap of faith & learn as they go! 

This incredible opportunity isn't for everyone....It's NOT for:
People who lack self-discipline, aren't willing to work hard, need everything planned out ahead of time, are unwilling to jump outside their comfort zone and who are unwilling to change.

You don't have to share the same story as me BUT I’m looking to connect with women who are JUST like me because I KNOW I can help them grown and I'll ENJOY working with them! 

I serious LOVE the Bombshell Dynasty and my growing team....Team Bombshell Evolution. Join my next New Coach Training & Internship by filling out this application HERE!! ~Kendra~

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