Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Part Two: Sticking to your meal plan while traveling or on vacation.

Since I just got back from my own mini-vacation, I thought this was the perfect time to share Part Two of the healthy travel series so here goes:

When you're in a new city or place, it's easy to get caught up in tasting everything the city has to offer from fancy resturants to inticing food's eye catching, no doubt...BUT focusing in on healthy, whole foods even while traveling will keep you on track to meet your goals and help with lessening the after travel slump that many of us sink into.

((That's right a weekend trip with just a carry on and laptop bag..I'm pretty shocked myself. haha))
Here are 5 little tips that will make eating healthy on vacation much simpler:
1. Make a plan.
Much like keeping your fitness on track, you need to have a plan for your food too.  When I travel, I always take a few packets of Shakeology for a simple, healthy breakfast on the go. I also bring along my shaker cup, not just for shakeology, but also to keep me on track with my water intake.  Most hotel gyms have a water cooler, so you can go in there to refill your cup or bottle for FREE. ((I'm all about those free options! hehe))

2. Track what you're eating.
I used the graphic above to track what I'm eating for the day.  I can either print it out and check off each color container when I eat it or I can jot down what I'm eating in a food journal. For a FREE printable to track you food, if you're following the 21 Day Fix or Extreme, CLICK HERE!  The containers are stackable and easy to carry, so you can even take them with you without using up too much precious luggage space. 

You can also download fee Apps for tracking your containers on your iPhone....check 'em out!

3. Be balanced.
 If your in New Oreleans, you probably want to tray cajun food....if you're in Chicago, you may want to sample deep dish pizza, etc.  It's OK to enjoy the local cuisine that's no so healthy, BUT be balanced about it.  When I know we're going out for a fabulous dinner, then I keep my meals and snacks a little lighter.

4. Do your research.
Scope out Groupon, Yelp and other websites to find healthy options whereever you're going. You can even go to a local grocery store to stock up on a few healthy snacks to tide you over inbetween meals.

5. Leave the spandex and stretchy waistbands at home.

Yes, vacation is all about comfort and ussually includes pretty casual attire, but lounging in only stretchy pants or spandex is a good way to NOT notice your waistline expanding as you chow down on all the gourmet goodies.  To be more aware of the vacation bloat, pack a few denim, non stretch items, so when you slip them on you can feel (from the tightness or looseness) how well you're staying on track with your goals.

 Hope this helps on your next vacation or work trip!!


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