Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Fav FREE Photo Editing Site-->> PicMonkey

If you love to blog, post fun Instagram photos or just enjoy a good selfie, then you probably use some type of photo editing site or app. When you think about editing your photos, you may think it's going to be complicated, time consuming and just tough, but Picmonkey makes it simple, fun and fast!  Plus, they have a FREE option to get you started.  <<--gotta font="" love="" that="">
The site I use most for graphics, logos, and social media posts, personally and for my business, is Picmonkey. Pickmonkey has a FREE option where you can edit and create adorable images for your blog and business.  They even have TONS of tutorials to help get you going.  The site helps you make graphics for all your social media posts, logos for your business, Facebook cover photos, blog headers, cute ads and much more.
Check out some of the editing festures it includes here:
Here are a  few details about each feature:
The crop icon: Do tons of basic edits, like croping, adjusting the light and much more.
The magic wand: Add effects, like Sepia and dark edges, to your pics.
The lipstick icon: Edit out those wrinkles, under eyes and less than desireable shine spots. 
The T icon: Add text to your photos and there are tons of fun font options.
The butterfly icon: Add fun extras like stickers, labels and more.
The frame icon: Add tons of different frames to your pics.
The weave icon: Texturize you photos with clouds, bricks, water and lots more.
The apple icon: Gives you access to themes editing options, like party, school, comic book hero, etc.
I use Picmonkey for the vast majority of my marketing materials including my social media graphics, headers and blog posts. Each editing option comes with tools (like the ones shown above) to help you edit like a pro, even if your a beginner. I really love this website and hope they eventually come out with an iPhone app.....Wouldn't that be awesome?!
No matter where you are in your journey as a blogger or business owner, you can really benefit from using Picmonkey. It is simple, fun and let's be honest....who doesn't like free?? 
What are some photo editing tools or apps that you use? Do you use PicMonkey? If so, what do you use it for (business or just for fun)? 
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*This post isn't sponsored, I'm just happy to share this awesome site with y'all!

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