Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We're more than just cute clothes-->>we're working on bettering ourselves inside & out!

The It's My Evolution Team is founded on personal development, because we surely wouldn't be where we our with our brand or business without it. Trust us, when we first heard about doing personal development daily, we instantly thought of overly-corny self-help books and 80's style cassette tapes telling you to think happy thoughts, but modern day PD is so NOT corny, super motivating and truly helps you align your passions with your ultimate goals.

Today, we want to take a second to share our newest personal development resource, Tara Travis.  Tara is a passionate Master Coach and Leadership mentor who encourages visionary women entrepreneurs & coaches who desire to Activate Wealth in their lives and businesses.  We recently joined in on her FREE Wealth Activation group and wanted to encourage you to join in too.

Download Tara's FREE Wealth Activation Kit here: www.TaraTravis.Org 

The kit includes the following:
* Free Audio Training – Developing a 6-Figure Feminine Leader Mindset
* PDF Workbook – To create powerful shifts in your business
* 5-Day Wealth Activation Challenge with simple daily assignments to create radical shifts sent to you via email 
* Private Facebook Group to share your successes with like-minded women entrepreneurs and coaches who will cheer you on as you activate wealth in your daily life

Let us know in the comments below if you're joining in.

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