Friday, July 10, 2015

My 100 Lifetime Goals

Since Beau and I got engaged in 2012, had a beautiful wedding and have gone through all the adventures the first two years of marriage can bring, we often chat about what we want to do, see, and become.....isn't it fun to day dream and set goals.  My hubbys a big dreamer and he encourages me to dream BIGGER....bigger than I normally would on my own.  Not only that, but he honestly believes I can accomplish each one.  I hope that YOU have someone in your life that's pushing you towards your goals like that! ;-)

I'm a list person and one of my friends came up with the idea of creating a 100 Lifetime Goals list, so of course, I'm jumping all over that and thought, Hey....why not share it with all of you.  So here goes.....
My List of 100 Lifetime Goals
Have children (at least two)
Bring a child into our family through adoption
Be hands-on parents who teach our kids Christian values
Go on at least 1 family vacation per year as a whole family.
Do at least 1 family photo shoot per year
Go on a date once a week.
Create a home/atmosphere our future kiddos are proud of.
Cater to my famalies unique love languages.

Visit all 50 states including a cruise to Alaska (1/2 way there)
Go on at least one work trip per month (if trips are offered that month)
Float the river in TX
Go on a couples trip with friends
Go to an all-inclusive resort somewhere tropical
Take our family to Jamiaca
Visit our extended famalies every other month, at least.
Visit the Holy land and see the places Jesus once stood with my hubby.
South Korea
African safari trip
Go to Pittsburgh for my besties wedding- Nov. 2015
Go to a bed and breakfast with my hubby
Live in New York for a year, just for fun.

Complete all projects for our home
Plant a veggie garden
Finish decorating my home office in 2015.
-Gallery wall
-Hang vintage mirror
-Add a pretty rug.
Move either closer to our family or to H.V.
Purchase our ultimate Dream Home:
-3,000sq ft minimum
-4 bedroom w/large office space
-kitchen with white cabinets & stone counters
-large backyard like the one we have now, but add an outdoor sound system and a larger garden
-patio w/outdoor kitchen

Experiences (13)
Attend a show at Fashion Week in New York
Take a cooking class with Beau
Take dance lessons with Beau
Go jet skiing
Take a helicopter ride over a beautiful city
Enroll the pups in doggy daycare
Take a ride on a sailboat
Go white water rafting
Take a hike in the grand canyon
Attend a musical on Broadway
Try daily vlogging for a week, just for fun.
Read the entire Bible.
Go on a cruise down the riviera.
Go to a painting class with girlfriends.

Share about my passions via social media daily (Faith, Family, Fitness and Fashion).
Partner with brands to showcase their fashion and beauty products. (To partner with us email
Grow the I.M.E. following to 1 million on:
-The blog
-FB Like Page
-And more
Do a fitness photoshoot when I hit my ultimate goal weight.
Do a creative, fashion photoshoot for I.M.E. with thrifted outfits.
Be active in a local bloggers meetup groups. (Dallas Blogger Collective)
Start a personal stylying/shopping business that includes a styling subscription service. (Launching Aug. 2015)
Start a website that encompases all areas of my brand (In Progress)
Start a thrifters Meetup group on
Start my own fashion subscription business.
Partner with youtubers and bloggers to officially launch the I.M.E. subscription service in 2015.
Have the ability to work from home full time by 2016.
Host a thrifters weekend/style conference by 2016.
Get officially registered as an LLC & trademakde I.M.E..
Complete all the amazing Personal Development trainings made avaliable by my Coach, Kati.
Attend a Personal Development conference hosted by Chalene Johnson
Publish a eBook about thrifting and defining your personal style.
Host my 1st periscope in 2015.
Participate in a local fashion event representing I.M.E.
Donate a portion of one month of I.M.E. sales to charity.
Get I.M.E. featured in a magazine article.

Get my asthma in check
Have defined abs.
Be confident in a bikini in front of actual people.
Reach my ultimate goal weight of 120lbs
Workout 6 days per week
Try hot yoga.
Try barre.
Try jazzercise.
Complete all the Beachbody programs I own, but haven't finished yet.
-21 Day Fix Extreme (Almost done)
-Brazil Butt Lift
-10 Min Trainer.
-Insanity Max 30
-Hip Hop Abs
Complete the following workout programs avaliable on BOD:
-Chalene Extreme
-Rockin Body
-Turbo Jam
-Yoga Booty Ballet
Do a 5k w/hubby.
Do a 10k w/hubby.

So now it's your turn.  Create a list of your own 100 Lifetime Goals and share a few of your favs below.  

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