Friday, July 17, 2015

Meeting with Zomato

Today I had the opportunity to meet up with a rep from Zomato to chat about the app, their recent takeover of Urban Spoon and how we can partner together (my blog & their app).  Of course, I wanted to wear something cute to mark the occasion and settled on a summery, floral top with shoulder cut-outs, skinnies and some fun wedges.  Tried to keep it casual, girlie & fun:

We met at Panera Bread. (I love a chance to go there since my hubby isn't a fan we rarely go.) Anyways, from the moment I walked in and met Alyssa and Nick, I felt like Alyssa was a girlfriend I'd known for ages.  She was so fun to chat with, had so much knowledge about Zomato and knew a lot of other local bloggers from the Dallas Blogger Collective.  

She showed me all the cool features of the app.....from writing reviews, checking in at resturants, blogging and connect with other foodie friends.  This app is AWESOME and I am so excited to start taking advantage of all the awesome features!

Alyssa also said they're planning some fun events for the Dallas area.....think private dinners, foodie walks, happy hours and more.  I love a fun chance to meet up with new friends, fellow bloggers and people who love good food.  I mean, who doesn't, right?! 

You all know, if you've been following I.M.E. long, that I love healthy food so I can't wait to start sharing reviews of places where you can gather with friends, but not totally get off track with your meal plan.  #WinWin  Sometimes when you're trying to eat healthier, it feels like your stuck at home eating grilled chicken and veggies, but there's tons of healthy options out there and I am so excited to share them.  Sharing is really!  

Are you on Zomato yet?   What's your fav feature from the app?  Share below! :-D

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