Monday, July 6, 2015

It's My Evolution Style Insider FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an I.M.E. Style Insider?
-You may join the program by clicking on our menu at the top of the page.

How does the I.M.E. Style Insider program actual work?
-Once you apply and are approved as a Style Insider, you can add a I.M.E. button to your blog or website and place links on your website and social media such as banners, text links, etc.  Be sure your customers use your name (as listed when you signed up) so you get credit for their purchase or entry.
Sign Ups: When a visitor signs up using your name, you receive credit for their sign up.
Benefits: At the end of each month, I.M.E. sends you an email with the number of sign ups you referred along with all the awards, freebies and insider tips you've earned.

What does it cost to become a Style Insider?
-It's totally FREE to join our I.M.E. Style Insider program.

Does I.M.E. have a person I can contact for additional questions?
-Yes, we're here and ready to help you have success as a Style Insider. Please feel free to email us at for help or more info.

Are special incentives available for high-performing insiders?
-Yes, high performing insiders get to enjoy special bonuses and lots of other exclusive benefits. Once you've referred five of your fashionista friends you're eligible to be an Featured Style Insider. Featured Insiders receive 2 months of their subscription FREE, features on our social media channels, I.M.E. swag, and much more! 

Can I use It's My Evolution links, banners, products, pictures, etc. anywhere on my website or social media channels?
-Yes, you sure can! Try to think about placements on your site, blog and social pages that will be most appealing to potential I.M.E. customers and where you believe it would generate the most sales so you can earn the most rewards & share this awesome subscription with your friends and viewers.

How many I.M.E. links, banners, products, etc can I place on my website and social media channels?
-However many you'd like! We encourage you to use as much advertisement as you'd like so you can conversions. Creative banners along with text links or using the I.M.E. logo can really help.

Can Style Insider's use I.M.E. graphics and content from the your blog/website? 
You're welcome to use any images and content from our blog/website to promote our product on your website and social media for the Style Insider program....just make sure you give credit to us as the creator of the content.....BUT creating your own unique images is a great way to really connect with your unique audience.  Try using Picmonkey (which we LOVE) for creating fun graphics and banners.  

How do you handle product returns?
I.M.E. does not accept returns since thrift stores don't either, so there's nothing to worry about there.  True fashionistas can make anything work. ;-)

How often do I get the rewards I've earned?
At the end of each month, I.M.E. will send you an email showing the number of sign ups you referred that particular month along with all the awards, freebies and insider tips you've earned. We'll then send out your rewards within the 1st week of the following month. 

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