Wednesday, July 1, 2015

7 Day Feel Good Blogging Challenge-> DAY ONE

As part of Alex Beadon’s 7-Day Feel Good Blogging Challenge,  I'm writing this little 'ole post to share a few things with you, like-->>who I am, who this blog is for ((YOU)) and, of course, what I hope to share here on It's My Evolution going forward.
If you're new to I.M.E., then this is a great place to get started!!
Who I am
I'm a wife, furmom to Zoey (a 7yr old Shih Tzu) and Noah (a 10mth old Dorkie), God fearing, fashion loving entrepreneur....BUT entrepreneurship wasn't something I was a natural at in the beginning.  In high school, I was the poster child for wall-flowers everywhere....think super shy, over-weight, picked on and terrified of what everyone else thought about me.  I was paralyzed by other opinions so I just stood still....never danced at school dances, never approached cute boys, never jumped outside my comfort zone UNTIL my senior year of high school something inside me changed.  I began going to counseling and through that I gained the courage to be myself and start being ME. 
I decided that I was made for so much more than the side-lines....God created me (and YOU) to shine brightly and share our passions with others.  I started by competing in a beauty pageant and singing a solo at the school talent show....yeah, I didn't just step outside my comfort zone, I dove in head first and I am forever grateful that I did. 
My journey from over-weight wall-flower to passionate entrepreneur has taught me so much and I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am that I get to share that journey with all of you!!!
Who It's My Evolution is for
It's My Evolution is for women who are on a journey, family focused fashionistas who love to hunt down a good deal, travel enthusiasts, ladies of faith who are pursing God's will for their lives, dog lovers, women workin on their fitness and entrepreneurs in the making. It's for those who want to embrace their unique style, meet their health & fitness goals and love their lives passionately.
I.M.E. is for women, like you, who may have started life as wall-flowers, but discovered that they were made for more and have a passionate, divine purpose.
What you'll see and learn along the way
I began blogging in college and it all started with a little blog called "Low Cost, High Style" where I shared my daily outfits with all the details (where I got them & how much they cost), a few DIY projects and styling tips along the way. As I kept blogging, I decided I wanted to share MORE than just my love of fashion....I wanted to share my weight loss journey, my travels and my life with all of you, so that's where It's My Evolution was born.
On I.M.E., you'll still see me share outfits & DIYs, but you'll also see posts about my travels (working on hitting up all 50 states), my family (My hubby, Beau and our pups), my workouts (right now, I'm doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme), what I'm eating and It's My Evolution's NEWEST endeavour, our monthly thrifty subscription box.  I want to share my journey to encourage you as you travel down your own path, because isn't life just so much more fun when we go through it together?!
I hope you'll start tuned for the rest of this little series-->> 7 Days of Feel Good Blogging.  Check back tomorrow for DAY TWO!!

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