Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All About My ABC's

Here;s my Friend Makin Monday a little bit late......Today it's gonna be all about the ABC's that describe me :)\

A- Amarillo is a town an hour from my hometown and where we had to drive to go to the mall and movies when I was a kid.....Yes, we seriously had to drive an hour. lol
B- Beau is my boyfriend and we've been together 5 and a 1/2 years. <3
C-Cats make my eyes water and my nose all runny....I'm super allergic!
D-Dogs, I have two of them.  Jackson, a JackRussell mix and Zoey, a shitzu.  They are both 3 and totally adorable!!
E-Eleventhgorgeous is a really good beauty and makeup channel and Youtube.
F-Fashion is something I have always loved.  I actually started out as a Fashion Design major in college.
G-Goodwill is awesome, actually....all thrift stores are awesome!!  I love thrifting and digging for great deals. :)
H-Health and Happiness are my over-all goal for this whole journey of weightloss.
I-Iceland is where I want to go on my honeymoon someday.
J-Justin is my little brother's name.  He's 22, has Down Syndrome and is the best brother EVER!!!
K-Kendra is my name.  I'm named after my dad, Ken.
L-Losing weight is going great for me thus far and I sure hope it continues!
M-Mom, mine is my best friend!!!  I love talking to her and I do every single day. :)
N- New York...I really wanna go and possible live there at some point.
O-Outlook....I have new ones since starting this journey.  Working out is fun.  I can be a runner.  (and)  My health is important to me.
P-Payday is my fav day....lol!
Q-Queen, I used to do a ton of pageants....I wanna do another one soon.  I have a ton of tiaras and banners in my closet.
R-Running is my new thing and I'm starting to really love it.
S-Serious is what people often say I am....it's because I'm an over thinker and I do take life seriously, but I know how to have fun too.
T-Team In Training-I'm participating in the Nike Women's Marathon to raise money for the Luekimia and Lymphoma Society. Check my link on the sidebar to learn more or donate. :)
U-Utilize, I never utilized my apartment gym until this march and I've lived here since Dec 2009. OMG!
V-Vacations, I've been out of the US 3 times: Mexico, England and Jamaica.
W-Working out is all about variety for me.  I like running, walking, Zumba, Running Club, Team in Training practices and more. 
X-X-Rays are no fun.  I broke my left arm in 2 places in 6th grade and had a purple cast all the way up my arm.
Y-Youtube....I love it!!  I like watching weightloss, fashion and beauty videos.  I even have a channel on there: lowcosthighstyle
Z-Zoey means life in Greek, which is the name my boyfriend came up with for my shitzu and I think it's super cute!

Hope you all enjoyed learning more about me. :)  ~Kendra~

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