Sunday, May 22, 2011

This week in review

So if you look at the weight loss tracker at the top of my page you'll notice I have officially surpased the half way mark in my weight loss journey and am only .2lbs away from a total loss of 30lbs. :)  Wooohooo!!!  This has been an awesome week! 

Monday:  I went to my first runner's club meetup.  I found a running club on that meets and runs together every Monday at a park just about 5 minutes from my house.  I went and met several very nice girls, did a great 2mile run and then did some ab exercises.  All in all, I am so glad I decided to try a meetup group and can't wait to go again tommorow! When I got home, I did a 15min ab workout, which of course included my daily 100 crunches.

Tuesday: I work till 8pm on Tuesdays, so I don't run outside that late.  I did one hour of Zumba.  If you love Zumba, but are too busy to commit to a workout class thats only offered at certain times....try looking up Zumba videos on Youtube...that's what I do.  I've saved some in my favorites and those are my go to Zumba workouts!!  After Zumba, I did my 100 crunches and then 100 arm lifts w/ 2lb weights. 

Wednesday: Was really tired that evening, so did a light workout.  Just 100 crunches and 100 arm lifts w/ 2lb weights. 

Thursday: Looked up ab workouts on Youtube and did a 15min workout.  Then did my 100 crunches for the day.

Friday: I did 200 crunches, 100 arm lifts w/2lb weights, 10mins on the eliptical, and then 3 sets of 15 on an arm workout machine. 

Saturday:  Did my 1st marathon training with Team in Training and just did a mile this week.  Came home and did a 20min Zumba workout.  Also, got in my 100 crunches for the day. 

Sunday:  Today I am planning to go to the gym with my boyfriend and do a new workout routine he came up with where you alternate running and weights for several sets....sould be interesting!  He graduated with a major in Sports Science/Kinesiology, so when we workout together he always teaches me something. :)

So, this week I worked out every single day....Yay!!!!!  Some days were lighter than others, but I still managed to keep it going each day, which is great.  This week I had a total loss of.....drum roll....3lbs. :)  Yay!!!  I was so excited when I realized I lost a total of 3lbs this week, because late in the week (Thurs to Fri)  I simply maintained, but today I had a loss so it all worked out. 

Hope everyone had a great week!!!  Also, if you like Youtube workout videos let me know what your favs are so I can try them out.  ~Kendra~

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