Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whirlwind Week......Literally!

Well, this week has been a little crazy!!  So, Monday I went to running club for my 2nd time and did 2.16miles.  I ran about 80% of it and it was killer.  Can imagine running 13miles at this point, but I'll get there.  Then Tuesday morning had a business meeting that was very exciting and if anything comes of it I will let yall know.  Tuesday's my late day at work, so it was getting close to 8pm and I was gathering my stuff to head home when all of a student teachers come around the corner and say get ur stuff and head to the stairwell immediately, because there are several tornadoes in the area.  Now, I was born and raised in the heart of "tornadoe alley" so usually storms don't bother me, but all the students we're panicked and it made me nervous too.  So after over an hour of waiting out the storm....after 9pm, when I should've already been home, I go outside to see my car and I have 2 huge spiderwebb cracks in my windsheild and dents all over may car.  Tons of peoples car windows were busted out.  It was insane.  We even saw softball sized hail....OMG!  So once I got gas I headed home.  Finally got home a little after 10pm.  What a long day!!  So definately didn't get a workout in that day.  Yesterday our computer systems were down basically all day.  There down in our office again today, but we've moved to another office, so we can get some work done.  It's been sooooo busy!

So anyways, as you can read, it's been an interesting week.  I am glad to say I'm heading home tommorow for a 4-day weekend with my fam to celebrate my lil bro's graduation and I can't wait!! :)  Should get some good workouts in there.  Thanks for all your support and celebration when I hit my 30lb mark the other exciting!!!! :)  ~Kendra~


  1. Have a great weekend! Glad your busy week is winding down :)

  2. Left you an award on my blog!!!