Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Everybody's noticing....

So a few posts ago I talked about how people had begun to comment on my weight loss.  Well, today has been a flood of comments, which has made for a really good, uplifting day. :)  Several co-workers that work in other departments within the company saw me in the hall and stopped to comment on how "skinny" I am getting.  Also, a graduate whom I hadn't seen in 2mths or so came into the office and said "Wow, you look so different!  I can see it really in your face and your body is shaped so differently."  She then proceeded to ask what I'm doing and then went on to say "I need to start doing that!"  Made me feel so good. :)  Don't mean to go on and on about, but it's been exciting to hear such positive comments from others.  I am a person who thrives on positive affrimations, so comments and words of encouragement really help to keep me motivated and excited about this journey and lifestyle change. 

Another exciting thing about today....I weighed in at 166.8, which means I am 2/4lbs away from a total loss of 30lbs....wow!!!  Who would've thought!  It is just crazyness....I can't wait to go see my doctor in the next few weeks and see how she reacts to my progress.  I am going to a doctor monthly to make sure I stay healthy and on track during my weightloss journey even though I didn't have any kind of surgery or anything....just having an appointment to weigh in every month really keeps me accountable! :)  And plus my doctor's super nice and encouraging!!  :)  Hope everyone else is doing great as well.  ~Kendra~

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